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Jacqueline Ahmed

Jacqueline is Cartus’ Manager of Intercultural Operations for EMEA and the Americas. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology and Sociology and is a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Jacqueline grew up in South Africa, and has also lived in Gambia and Turkey.

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Our clothing communicates information about ourselves, our social position and society’s values. Our clothing can signify religious beliefs (a nun’s habit, a Hassidic Jew’s apparel, a Muslim abaya), a significant event in our lives (a wedding dress, mourning clothes, prom outfit), or our sense of…
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In her book, Watching the English, Kate Fox seeks to uncover and explore the hidden rules, or “grammar”, of English culture. International assignees who will be moving to England – as well as relocation professionals who work with British contacts on a regular basis – will find this book a very…