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Racheal Foo

Racheal is the Marketing Communications & Events Manager for APAC. She has more than 15 years of Marketing experience in various service and consumer goods industries. Her current responsibilities include Digital and Content Marketing, and providing support to the APAC offices to deepen client engagement and drive sales prospects.

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Whether it is fall or spring in your part of the world, and whether or not you are planning on selling your home any time soon, it is always a good idea to get a head start on cleaning and organizing your property for the season. Here we discuss how to reset your home for fall.
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Relocating home owners who are preparing to list their house for sale need to keep in mind that, as the physical relocation is approaching, their to-do list will start to pile up and your employee might feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help your relocating employees effectively prepare their…
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On August 9, Singapore will celebrate its 56th year of independence. As a small nation, we have come a long way from being a small Southeast Asian island with no natural resource to a garden city known for its world-leading airport, medical, finance, technology, and infrastructure; and more…