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Andy Conduit-Turner

Andy has performed a number of roles throughout a 10-year global mobility career with Cartus. With broad experience in Account Management and a passion for innovation, Andy is accustomed to applying objective analysis to both industry trends and client data to provide insights and evolving solutions to meet changing client needs.

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So you want to design a more flexible mobility program? Once this first decision is made, a torrent of progress-arresting questions can soon follow. We think that designing the future should be less daunting and more exciting, so in our latest interactive Flexible Mobility series white…
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Today, we’re excited to launch our new Flexible Mobility series, with a brand new white paper: Demystifying Flexible Mobility: Dispelling Myths and Outlining First Steps on a Journey of Policy Transformation. With an in-depth blueprint of initial considerations and real-life case studies, this white…
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Another Core/Flex Piece?  Core/flex policy continues to make waves within the relocation industry—and for good reason!  The injection of personal choice and flexibility into a mobility program is proving successful across a number of criteria, from talent acquisition and user satisfaction to…