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Ava Norris

Based in the UK, Ava is a Director, Strategic Business Solutions. She joined Cartus in 2013 and has held a variety of diverse roles across multiple key client engagements. Through this experience, she brings valuable perspective and strategic guidance to organizations across diverse industry sectors.

Ava is passionate about partnering with organizations to drive efficiencies, support transformation, and provide innovative solutions to ultimately help them achieve their business goals.

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For many organisations, international recruitment is a key component of their global workforce development strategy. Bringing in fresh talent from an international pool can help create an enriched employee population, with global skills, experience and knowledge. Our latest white paper, Agile…
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2020 is fast becoming a memorable decade, largely due to the reappearance of a global pandemic. Much like its historical counterpart of 1918, the Spanish Flu, COVID-19 has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It has sent half of the global population into lockdown, limiting human…