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Bruce Perlman

Bruce joined Cartus in 1991 and was named senior vice president and general counsel in 2001. He has lectured extensively and written many articles on tax and legal topics related to global relocation issues.

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Unfortunately, residential real estate transactions in the U.S. are targeted by scammers, and their techniques are becoming more sophisticated, including phone calls directly to buyers. The bad guys have become incredibly good at identifying people engaged in residential real estate. Real estate…
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Summer is the busy season for residential real estate transactions for a variety of reasons. The kids are out of school, buyers and sellers can more easily use their vacation time to pack or unpack, and the weather poses fewer complications. You know this, your real estate agent knows this, and…
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Cartus is pleased to announce that, as of this writing, we have filed our application for Privacy Shield status with the U.S. Department of Commerce.