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Crystal Abbey

Crystal joined the Cartus Sales team in 2014 as Director, Strategic Business Solutions. She was formerly a manager in Consulting Services and has more than 25 years of experience in global mobility.

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On Wednesday, March 10, Cartus and Topia partnered to deliver the first of our Distributed Workforce Solutions Webinar Series–the Americas edition. Cartus’ Larry Ghirardo, VP and Business Owner of MovePro360SM, and Wendy Kosach, SVP, Relocation Accounting and International Compensation Services,…
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Talent-related components of global mobility are paramount to the overall success of assignments, yet there continues to be a break down in collaboration and proper planning with the various HR functions involved in global assignments. Listen to a playback of our webinar, Talent Management: What's…
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The topic of linking global relocation and talent management, anessential step in organizations’ desire to capture their return on investment (ROI) for international assignments, continues to be unchartedterritory. Cartus’ latest studies indicate that most companiesare no further along in closing…