April 30, 2019

Putting Talent Management into Practice with New Mobility Approaches

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Putting Talent Management into Practice with New Mobility Approaches

Posted by: Alex Harris, Vice President, International Client Services, EMEA.

Today, talent management isn’t just about supporting high profile or senior employees, but rather creating a community of talent that will become tomorrow’s leaders. Our latest white paper, Putting Talent Management into Practice with New Mobility Approaches, explores the ways in which international assignments can truly contribute to long-term business strategies.

Of course the correlation between talent management and mobility has long been acknowledged as a key business priority. In fact, according to Cartus’ 2018 Biggest Challenges survey, 75% of mobility managers indicated that international assignments are positive for leadership and career development. But what measures can be taken to ensure this correlation translates into meaningful results, both for the employee and business?

New Dedicated Talent Development Track

To achieve their talent management objectives, some organizations are moving away from a primarily business-led program to one led by Talent Development and HR teams. As part of this strategic thinking, organizations are creating a dedicated talent development track that resides within the global relocation framework to support ‘talent track employees.’ We are starting to see organizations adopt this new approach by following a number of best practices to redefine: 

  • Relocation intent
  • Organizational structure
  • Assignment support
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Find the Answers to Your Mobility Questions

Our latest white paper discusses these new mobility approaches and answers a number of key questions that organizations often have about linking their mobility program with their talent management goals:

  • How can international assignments truly contribute to overall long-term business strategies?
  • How do you create a long-term strategy for talent track employees?
  • What relocation policy support should you offer an employee to achieve effective talent management?
  • How can you ensure global assignments deliver a return on investment that meets talent management objectives?

Read our white paper to discover the answers!

Clearly defined strategies linking talent management and mobility are finally gaining momentum, and we will be closely observing the progress and sharing the results with you. In the meantime, if you would like more information about linking talent management with global mobility, please contact your Cartus representative, or email us at cartussolutions@cartus.com.

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Alex is Vice President, International Client Services in EMEA and has over 17 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, predominantly in global operations, compensation services and policy and process development. Currently based in the UK, Alex is originally from Mexico City.

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