August 16, 2016

Relocating to Australia? Get Some Tips From an Expert!

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Relocating to Australia? Get Some Tips From an Expert!

For many people, Australia conjures up visions of koalas, kangaroos, and even cowboys. But as most international assignees quickly find out, Australia also boasts vibrant cities, a melting pot of food and dining experiences, and a vibrant, beautiful landscape that they come to love.

Tips for Relocating Employees

Sue Latina-Cohen, Global Manager Corporate Mobility Services for Toll Transitions, Cartus’ Australian destination service provider, offers some tips and guidance in this new On the Ground video.

Expatriate Housing

Australia offers many different housing choices, from apartments to small houses with gardens; from historic to modern. Currently, there is more inventory available in Western Australia (Perth and Queensland). In other areas, such as Sydney and Melbourne, however, the market is very tight and transferring employees need to be ready to make definitive choices and remain flexible in their wants and needs.

Applications need to be complete, and employees need to have all their documentation in order! In Australia, rental prices are shown in weekly amounts!

International Schooling

There are many schooling options, public, private, and parochial, although private international schools can be costly, with both application and typically high tuition fees.  Government schools can be an option in some areas, but require temporary visa holders to pay a temporary visa holder fee to attend.

Pets and Driving Rules

Australia’s unique and fragile environment results in many stringent customs rules – for example, assignees need to be prepared for a lengthy and expensive process if they are bringing pets to Australia! Rules of the road, and regulations surrounding child restraints, are rigorous.

Other tips? Latina-Cohen encourages assignees to enjoy the many and varied cultural and scenic opportunities that the country offers, and to expect a unique experience that they’ll treasure forever.

For more Cartus On the Ground videos, visit our Cartus YouTube channel where you can get tips and insights on 32 different countries! 

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Kenneth L Wilcox
I am negotiations with my employer and am looking at a relo to Sydney around July. My question is in reference to my small pet dog (teacup Malteze which weights around 3 lbs. does Cartus have a program for pet relocation?
Thank you in advance.
Yes, thanks Ken. Cartus provides pet relocation services to many of our clients. However, each client policy is different, so please check with your local HR contact for more specifics on your policies and what is covered.
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