September 15, 2016

Relocating Got Your Goat?

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Relocating Got Your Goat?

Posted by: Daedra Burchfield, Client Services Manager

In the course of an “average” day, I can find myself assisting assignees with any number of unique challenges. But there is one situation that really stands out for me. In addition to meeting the long-term needs of a  transferring employee, his wife and their children, I also needed to find temporary housing that could accommodate…their pet goat. That was a new one for me!

Overcoming the challenges

The family needed a temporary place to stay while they looked for a permanent home, and it had to have a yard big enough to keep a goat, and a landlord that wouldn’t mind it being there – not an easy kind of accommodation to find! Plus, it all had to be done within the client’s allocated budget. While this situation posed some unique challenges, I also understand how important pets are to relocating employees and their families, so it was important to me too.

How did we arrive at a successful solution?

This situation really highlighted the importance of having a clear policy, and excellent communication between Cartus and the client, both of which were in place. If you had an employee with these extenuating circumstances, would your policy and processes work?

We can help. Find out how, with a great deal of patience, collaboration, and determination, the story ends. Watch our short, fun video for the whole story, and visit the “Have Done, Will Do” area of our website to read more stories about how we have met the unique needs of our clients and their transferring employees around the world. 

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Daedra Burchfield

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Daedra is a Client Services Manager, overseeing international and domestic U.S. operations. She has more than 17 years of experience with Cartus in global mobility operations management and consulting.

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This article popped into my daily RSS feed and immediately caught my attention. What – relocating a goat? I just had to read it... what a great "above and beyond" story!
Patrick Lewis
Thanks Norm, we're glad you liked it! These stories really highlight the responsiveness and flexibility of our employees. Stay tuned for more stories!
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