June 18, 2014

Relocating to Mexico City

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Relocating to Mexico City

Based on past media reports about Mexico, it may come as a surprise to read how challenging it is to find available housing and schooling options in Mexico today. With the current economic growth, more businesses are taking the opportunity to expand into the country, and expats are finding it very challenging to find both appropriate housing and schools for their children.

Renting in Mexico
Rental rates in Mexico City are increasing more than 10% every year, with a typical apartment having one to three bedrooms and a typical single-family home having two to three bedrooms. Finding a four-bedroom house is very difficult, especially because there is no multiple listing service to use as a source. Real estate agents do not commonly share listings, and to get a good selection of properties, expats will likely need to explore options with as many different real estate agents as possible. Lease requirements can also be complex because a guarantor is always required to sign along with the renter.

Schooling Options in Mexico
In Mexico City, school placements are very competitive and come with no guarantees. Our Destination Services providers advise that expats start working on their applications early and be prepared to consider a backup school. Information about all international schools is available online, so it’s recommended that expats start their research as soon as possible after they have been offered the assignment.

A Brighter Future for Mexico
On a positive note, media reports of drug-related violence in Mexico have become much rarer, and many more positive events are happening daily in the country, despite the challenges of housing and school availability.

Please read our Relocation Guide on Mexico, which elaborates on the challenges facing assignees who will be moving there, and watch our On the Ground in Mexico video that is part of our Cartus On the Ground series.

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