November 16, 2017

Three Signs That You’re A Relocating Millennial

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Three Signs That You’re A Relocating Millennial

Posted by: Ana Margarida Pereira, International Assignment Consultant

Relocating millennials are the future of our current work force, and unlocking their identity and needs is vital to successfully relocating them, and critical to the future growth of corporations. Watch our video for some tips on what makes relocating millennials tick.

1. You clicked on this article img1

You probably saw this on Facebook or someone posted it on your LinkedIn timeline. It was shared on a platform where you were able to easily read it on a five-inch smartphone screen, and in five minutes, you’ll be onto the next list, app, or viral video.  

The fact that you clicked this blog implies you want to consume information quickly.   In a world saturated with information at every turn, similarly, our clients have been requesting less touchpoints and documents for their customers. In turn, there has been a drive to share overlapping information between suppliers so as not to request information from a relocating employee more than once. Initial onboarding call times are being minimized, and touchpoints throughout the move with real- time information are increasing. If it’s not critical right now, or at all, TTYL.

2. You want to pick and choose img2

You want the flexibility of choosing exactly which benefits you’ll need.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if relocation could be customized to your needs the same way you order a burrito at Chipotle or a coffee at Starbucks? I’d like household goods and a lease break, but please hold the settling-in support. For some companies, their mobility policies have become just that.

In a world where you get to customize almost everything you use, corporations are willing to do anything to keep millennials as active and dedicated members of their workforce. Point-based packages and lump sums have become a favorite of this generation, and the industry is seeing the impact. 

In a full relocation package, millennials seem to opt for a cost-effective option to save their company money. However, in return, they also expect that their employer takes that into account by granting their specific exception request. It’s a fair trade, right?

In addition, millennials desire transparency with decisions being made on benefits, with a reduction of layers. If an exception is declined, the rationale is always requested, and if they don’t agree with the response, they will not hesitate to delve deeper and contact internal leadership directly. Because of this, it is important to get in front of any issues, and clients are requesting data to ensure their employees’ needs are being met.

3. Fast is not fast enough img3

That Chipotle burrito or Starbucks coffee from earlier was not only customizable, but it ended up in your hands in less than five minutes. Millennial consumers are requesting services and communications faster than ever before, and companies have responded by adding new ways to communicate to their consumer base, including in time chat features, call centers without automated options or introductions, and fast-paced ordering features for their goods.

Why can’t relocation services also be “one click” away? Now, they are. As just one example, gone are the days of signing home sale contracts with pen to paper, and here are the days of e-signatures. Although moving from one location to another can have many variables, relocation companies have added interactive move timelines and speedy expense submission platforms. The response from millennials is a thumbs up. thumbsup

This list could go on and on, but if you’ve learned anything from this blog, millennials prefer their content to be short and sweet!

All things considered, relocating millennials are the future of our current work force, and unlocking their identity and needs is vital to successfully relocating them. Keeping up with this swiftly moving population isn’t always easy, but it is critical to the future growth of corporations and to our global economy.

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Ana Margarida Pereira

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Margarida joined Cartus in 2015 as an international relocation consultant and transitioned into a senior consultant role in 2016. Focusing on mobility within Latin America and the United States, she has gained important experience moving families to these often challenging regions.  

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