March 3, 2015

Relocating to Netherlands: Immigration Update

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Relocating to Netherlands: Immigration Update

Immigration can be one of the biggest challenges relocation professionals face when managing a global mobility programme. Our latest Cartus Mobility Insights provides an immigration update for international assignees moving to the Netherlands.

No Additional Work Permits for Non-EU Workers

Encouragingly for organisations, legislation has been introduced to simplify the work permit process for non-EU nationals working as cross-border service providers. Non-EU workers who already have legal residence and a work permit from an EU country may temporarily provide a service to a company in the Netherlands, without having to apply for additional work permits, as they were required to do previously.

Impact on Relocation

It is hoped that the legislation will reduce the administrative burden of having to complete the often complex work permit applications.

2015 Dutch Salary Criteria for International Assignees

Organisations employing highly skilled migrants, graduates, or Blue Card holders in the Netherlands must meet a minimum monthly salary threshold. The requirements are reviewed annually, and our latest Cartus Mobility Insights outlines those for 2015.

The monthly salary thresholds are intended as a minimum requirement, and an assignee’s salary should also be competitive within the Dutch labour market, in line with a salary paid to a local employee in a similar position. The Dutch Immigration Service (IND) and the Public Employment Service (UWV) will verify the salaries paid to foreign nationals, to prevent them from being under- or overpaid.

For further details about these immigration changes and the implications for your relocation programme, please read our latest Cartus Mobility Insights.

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