July 15, 2014

Relocating to Singapore: Immigration Update

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Relocating to Singapore: Immigration Update

Singapore has recently been in the news for taking measures to tighten its immigration rules for foreign employees. Several initiatives have been put into place over recent years, and in our latest Cartus Mobility Insights on Singapore Immigration we review what those changes are and provide recommendations for companies placing international assignees into Singapore.

The most recent change will be implemented on 1 August 2014 following the announcement of a new Fair Consideration Framework last September. This framework reminds employers to consider the suitability of Singaporean workers for professional, managerial and executive positions before seeking to fill these vacancies with foreign workers. The measures include mandatory job advertising in a government job bank for 14 days before an overseas worker’s application will be considered. Penalties will be put into place for companies who cannot show that they are following this new job advertising process, although companies employing fewer than 25 workers are exempt, as are positions with a fixed monthly salary of S$12,000+ per month.

Recommendations for Relocation

Advance Planning: Planning is the key to effective international transfers into Singapore. For new permits, companies should allow four months to obtain the appropriate documentation. Permit renewals should be applied for three to four months prior to expiry. Applying early will also give companies the time either to proceed to appeal in the event of a rejected work permit and/or hire a suitable replacement.

Partnership: Local Singapore HR representatives should communicate the latest immigration changes and updates to their HR colleagues overseas, forming a strong partnership that facilitates effective relocation planning for Singapore moves.  

Read our Cartus Mobility Insights on Singapore Immigration for details of this and the other recent immigration changes in Singapore. You can also contact a Cartus representative by emailing trustedguidance@cartus.com for any questions related to relocation and Singapore.

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