October 23, 2014

Relocating to Singapore: Seven Tips on Schooling

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Relocating to Singapore: Seven Tips on Schooling

With education such a critical issue for families relocating with children, parents face a range of key decisions to ensure their school choice is the right one. The Cartus Singapore Schools Overview offers insights into making the best choices when relocating to the city state of Singapore.

Boasting a level of education recognised worldwide, Singapore offers a wide variety of schooling options. There are more than 38 international schools (including those that offer the International Baccalaureate [IB] program), country-specific schools and high-attaining local schools that specialise in the sciences, arts, and humanities.

The most popular schools, however, are expensive and have long waiting lists.

In conjunction with Cartus schools specialists on the ground in Singapore, here are seven tips to ensure a smooth schools transition:

•  Parents should plan well in advance to secure the school of their choice.

•  Detailed research at an early stage and before a school-finding trip will review all the options available.

•  Visiting a wide range of schools will help parents select the right choice of education and school for their child/children.

•  A child will be placed on a school’s waiting list only after an application form has been submitted and the admission fees paid.

•  Flexibility in schooling choice and applying for multiple schools will help secure a place.

•  Education costs should be reviewed in advance and provision made in the relocation budget in advance as required.

•  Special needs provision should be reviewed carefully. Whilst there are schools offering specialist assistance, it is not readily available in mainstream schools.

Further details about schooling in Singapore can be found in our Singapore Schools Overview, and more information on relocating to Singapore is available in our Singapore Market Watch.

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