October 15, 2020

Cartus Relocation Playbook: A Guide to Global Talent Mobility in a Post-COVID-19 World

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Cartus Relocation Playbook: A Guide to Global Talent Mobility in a Post-COVID-19 World

Over the span of a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted global markets and caused major disruptions in our economies and our daily lives. Many countries had to impose social distancing, quarantine measures, and border-closings in the hopes of managing the pandemic. Similarly, organisations had to change the way they managed their business and global mobility programs due to changes implemented by governments, leaving them with little time to stay ahead of the game and plan proactively.

Fast-forward to today. As the world starts to recover from the pandemic and adapt to a vastly different environment, there is a need for organisations and businesses to begin planning for their employees' re-entry to a "new normal."

Cartus recommends that Human Resources and Mobility professionals plan for their new mobility program through the following steps:

Anticipate key trends -> Identify critical changes -> Reform organisation and implement new policies

Adapting to the New World

While mobility professionals continue to leverage best practices learned from COVID-19 to plan and prepare their businesses for future pandemics, we need to acknowledge the shift from organisational needs to employee needs due to increased duty of care expectations by employees.  

2020 Relocation Playbook thumb 281px.pngWorking alongside our clients and recognizing this need, Cartus is focused on collaborating with clients and our supplier network to navigate the challenges in the post-COVID-19 environment. We firmly believe this can be achieved while protecting and improving the relocation experience for organisations and employees alike.

The “Cartus Relocation Playbook” is the result of our collaboration with our clients—exploring their challenges and unique ways of overcoming issues during this unprecedented time. Combining these findings with knowledge from our vast global network, we created this in-depth resource to explore four key indicators of the relocation industry and share recommended strategies for navigating our new global environment.

  • Global Workplace
  • Travel
  • Talent Management
  • Digitalisation

Download your copy of the Cartus Relocation Playbook by filling out the form below, and start planning now.

Please contact us at cartussolutionsasia@cartus.com should you need assistance in your relocation planning.

Watch the replay of our recent Webinar featured on Human Resources Online, Cartus Relocation Playbook 2020: A Guide to Global Talent Mobility in a Post-COVID-19 World.

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