June 17, 2015

Relocation Policy & Practices: The Oil & Gas Sector

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Relocation Policy & Practices: The Oil & Gas Sector

Relocation Policy & Practices: The Oil & Gas Sector

How do specific industry sectors approach management of their global mobility programs and policies? Cartus Industry Profiles present snapshots of the different ways in which individual industries approach key issues related to the handling of their relocation programs, based on data compiled for the Cartus 2014 Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey.

An Inside View of the Oil & Gas Industry

Our profile of the Oil & Gas industry provides a summary of responses from individuals in that industry and compares them with overall survey responses. In our video, Cindy Madden of Cartus Consulting Solutions discusses some of the sector’s specific challenges and the responses that HR practitioners in the sector are taking.

Relocation Volume – How Oil & Gas is Different

The Oil and Gas industry differed from overall company results in almost all factors related to increased mobility activity. When asked whether mobility activity will increase over the next few years, Oil and Gas sector responses were significantly lower than the overall number. In terms of reasons behind any increased activity, expansion into emerging markets, mergers and acquisitions or investment activity, and greater emphasis on career development were all higher than the norm; in fact,  the latter two were a significant 24 percentage points higher versus overall companies.

Top Challenge: Cost

Though cost control was the highest rated area of challenge for Oil and Gas sector companies, it was still eight percentage points lower than those of overall companies. Sector respondents did, however, have clear favorites when asked about increasing expenditures to meet business needs; of all industries surveyed, they more than any other sector named enhancing their candidate selection/readiness process, perhaps as a result of the need for ready adaptability of assignees sent to challenging locations.

For our full Oil & Gas sector report, or to obtain a profile for a specific industry sector, please contact your Cartus representative, or email TrustedGuidance@Cartus.com. Please also visit our Resource Hub on cartus.com for information on a wide variety of relocation-related topics.

In addition to Oil & Gas, Cartus also offers reporting on the following industries:

•  Finance
•  Consumer Goods
•  Manufacturing/Construction
•  Pharma
•  Raw Materials
•  Service/Media
•  Technology

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Cindy Madden is Director of the Cartus Consulting Solutions practice, which supports clients and prospects in the areas of Global Policy and Program Design, Group Moves, Destination Location Research, and the development of customized mobility websites. Cindy has more than 25 years’ experience in the relocation industry in a variety of roles, including account management and sales.

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