July 2, 2015

Relocation Policy & Practices: The Raw Materials Sector

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Relocation Policy & Practices: The Raw Materials Sector

How do specific industry sectors approach management of their global mobility programs and policies? Cartus Industry Profiles present snapshots of the different ways in which individual industries approach key issues related to the handling of their relocation programs, based on data compiled for the Cartus 2014 Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey.

An Inside View of the Raw Materials Industry

Our profile of the Raw Materials industry provides a summary of responses from individuals in that industry and compares them with overall survey responses. In our Raw Materials industry video, I discuss some of the sector’s specific challenges and the responses that HR practitioners in the sector are taking.

A Global Approach to Mobility Management

All Raw Materials companies responding to the survey cited a global approach as the only one used to administer their mobility programs. At 100%, this was significantly higher than any other industry responding to the survey. Similarly, there was universal agreement among these companies in reporting that a focus on cost control has increased compared to the past two years; that repatriation and career management are the aspects of their mobility programs most in need of improvement; and cost savings initiatives were most focused on administrative process improvements and policy changes.

The Focus on Cost Control

Raw Materials’ focus on cost control is considerably higher than that of the overall market (100% versus 57% overall). Looking at the changes under consideration to achieve cost savings, the areas in which Raw Materials companies were significantly higher in comparison to the overall market were administrative process improvements (100% versus 48%) and policy changes (100% versus 56%). Both areas were cited by Raw Materials sector companies more often than any other industry responding to this survey.

Global Mobility Program Improvement

Raw Materials companies cited repatriation and career management (100% versus 39% overall) as the aspect of their global mobility programs most in need of improvement—61 percentage points higher than that of the market as a whole. This is interesting in light of the fact that they are using localization more frequently than any other assignment type, and may indicate that some assignees are moved on sequential, localized assignments.

For our full Raw Materials sector report, or to obtain a profile for a specific industry sector, please contact your Cartus representative, or email TrustedGuidance@Cartus.com. Please also visit our Resource Hub on cartus.com for information on a wide variety of relocation-related topics.

In addition to Raw Materials, Cartus also offers reporting on the following industries:

•  Finance
•  Consumer Goods
•  Manufacturing/Construction
•  Oil & Gas
•  Pharma
•  Service/Media
•  Technology

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