June 14, 2018

What Relocation Reporting Means for a Cartus International Assignment Consultant

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What Relocation Reporting Means for a Cartus International Assignment Consultant

Whenever I hear about severe thunderstorms in my part of the country, I go on a trip down Memory Lane and my first exposure into data tracking and reporting. At primary school, I was so proud to be tasked with updating the weather board and recording the meteorological conditions of the day. At first glance, data-driven reporting may not fill you with excitement, but for international assignment consultants like me, this is a key element of providing our clients and international assignees with exceptional service.

Back to the Future in the Relocation Industry

The day of static paper reports are long gone. Instead, our clients and their international assignees now want dynamic real-time reporting that can be adapted to their needs. Using data gathered from more than two million assignees, Cartus’ Leading Edge Analytics Practice, LEAP can help predict the future outcomes of an international assignment. It is so exciting to know that we all contribute to developing the data source for the Interactive Timelines for our assignees. It is exciting to be able to advise our customers that they can see their personal relocation milestones on their CartusOnline homepage!

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As a relocation consultant, I complete a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. There is a lot more to it than just filling in data fields and updating our system. Such an extensive use of reporting gives us consultants an opportunity to show and demonstrate our time management skills. While we proactively manage global moves and respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers, we have to ensure that the reports are completed on time.

Reports allow consultants to learn from their past performance to progress, and seek new ways to proactively manage extremely fast-paced global moves.

From One Small Step to a Giant Leap

That little child drawing pictures of rainbows and clouds on ‘the weather board’ at school is now contributing to creating a better, predictive future for Cartus’ clients and their international assignees. Cartus trains our consultants to understand the complexities of relocations, as well as the value of our daily tasks such as reporting in the web of data surrounding us. My thanks to Hazel Durie (Senior International Assignment Consultant) for sharing her insights into reporting.

How do you feel about reporting now?! :)

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