March 14, 2017

Relocation Reporting: Two Years in Two Days, with a Whole Lot of Coffee!

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Relocation Reporting: Two Years in Two Days, with a Whole Lot of Coffee!

Posted by: Daniel Baker, Senior Data Analyst 

Being able to access accurate, comprehensive program data is key for my clients. But, it’s the ability to customize those reports for specific needs that makes the difference in a company’s ability to evaluate progress and performance and adjust their program as needed. As a senior data analyst for Cartus, I’m used to quick turnarounds and challenging requests. But when the account manager for one of our newest and most complex clients called late on a Friday with a special request, I was about to find out just how much more challenging my job could get!

No Problem!

The account manager had already said “No problem!” to the client’s initial request for all spend data for the past two years, broken down by spend category (32 separate categories), and divisions (40+). Our platform is built for this kind of customized reporting, and he’d already started pulling the data together.

When the next part of the request came in, he said “No problem!” again—but this time he picked up the phone and called me. Because what we needed now was additional information, including all of the incomplete and/or miscategorized data provided by their previous supplier during the transition process. And one more thing…they needed it by Monday for a meeting.

So I said, “No problem!” too. Then we ran out to get a 48-hour supply of highly caffeinated beverages. In just about that timeframe, working pretty much straight through, we compiled, codified, and condensed the data—300,000 line items worth! We were able to provide a comprehensive document to the company’s Procurement team for their upcoming cost reduction presentation.

Off on the Right Foot

With all of that data, the account manager and I were able to provide additional verification of year-over-year cost savings to the client, which was a strong start to a new engagement and a great relationship!

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Daniel Baker is a senior data analyst based in the Cartus Swindon office. He has been with Cartus for five years and works on some of our largest global accounts.

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