June 16, 2016

Relocating to Taiwan – Top Tips for International Assignees

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Relocating to Taiwan – Top Tips for International Assignees

Named by Portuguese settlers in the 16th century as Formosa, meaning beautiful island, Taiwan is 14,000 square miles in size, it’s mountainous in the east, and flat and gently rolling in the west where most of its 23 million population reside. 

If you are relocating to Taiwan you’ll love the friendly, hospitable people, and how easy it is to make friends! Check out our latest video on Taiwan for details.

Taiwan Relocation Top Tips

For international assignees, there’s a wide variety of housing choices from city center apartments to single homes on the city outskirts. In Taipei City, homes are usually rented unfurnished, although in second-tier cities properties typically come with furniture. Note, however, that this does not include kitchen appliances. Homes close to international schools are the most popular, and as demand outweighs supply, assignees will need to act fast to secure a home of their choice.

Taiwan has a good variety of international schools, although perhaps the greatest challenge is in securing school places. With high wait lists, parents should select at least two school choices and begin the application process as soon as possible after the relocation is confirmed.

Transport options are wide and varied. In cities, public transport is quick and easy to use. Driving isn’t difficult, although with the high vehicle density, drivers need to be on their guard at all times. Assignees should watch out especially for the scooters who typically ignore the rules of the road and expect other drivers to stay out of their way!

The official language in Taiwan is Mandarin, and whilst some signs in cities are also in English, English is not widely spoken and some Mandarin is really important to get around and to make the most of an assignment in Taiwan. For further details view our latest video on relocating to Taiwan, and for more videos on locations around the world visit our On the Ground video library on our YouTube channel.

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