November 29, 2016

Germany Relocation: The Latest Policy and Program Trends

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Germany Relocation: The Latest Policy and Program Trends

Posted by: Florian Geier, Director, Client Services, Germany

Earlier this year, Cartus conducted a pulse survey with leading German companies to understand their relocation trends and issues. The findings have now been published and provide valuable insight into the current challenges faced by German companies. The report findings make interesting reading for anyone involved in relocating employees to or from Germany.  

Relocation Trends in Germany

The 26 survey respondents told us that they relocate employees on international assignments primarily for reasons of business expansion or skills transfer. China was cited as the top destination, with the United States second, and inbound moves into Germany third.

The biggest relocation challenges our survey participants told us they face are in the areas of cost, employee reluctance to relocate, compliance, and expansion into new and emerging locations. The BRIC countries all presented the biggest country-based challenges for German companies. China was at the top of the list, Brazil and Russia equal in second place, and India third.

When asked how t hey manage their relocation program, 59% of respondents said they centralized it globally. And, relocation policy is normally reviewed every 2-5 years (noted by 65% of respondents).

Looking ahead to the future, 81% of survey respondents cited talent management as likely to be their biggest challenge for the future. Emerging markets was noted by 73% of respondents, and cost control by 68%.


Cartus would like to thank all the companies that participated in this survey which included well known names like Allianz, AREVA, BMW, Volkswagen, and Siemens. To read the full pulse survey report, please download a copy here.

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