April 2, 2020

Early Client Insights from Cartus' COVID-19 Global Mobility Pulse Survey (#1)

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Early Client Insights from Cartus' COVID-19 Global Mobility Pulse Survey (#1)

As COVID-19 has fast become a global crisis, what adjustments have you made to your mobility programme to cope with an uncertain and rapidly changing situation? With input from more than 50 respondents, Cartus’ first COVID-19 Global Mobility Pulse Survey addresses key topics that global organisations are dealing with as they take a more agile approach to policy and work to meet the needs of their mobile employee population, including:Covid-19 Pulse Survey doc thumb.png

  • Changes in communication protocols
  • Relocation planning in the short- and long-term
  • Relocation policy adjustments
  • Managing internship programmes

We will continue to keep you updated on trends and best practices to support you in managing your global mobility programme. To discuss the findings in this survey in more detail, please reach out to your Cartus representative, or email us at cartussolutions@cartus.com.

Upcoming Surveys and Additional Resources

Future pulse surveys will share information specific to the U.S. relocation landscape as well as other locales and sectors as the situation continues to evolve. 

In the meantime, please visit our COVID-19 Content Hub for additional best practices, resources, and insights related to the current global mobility environment.

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