November 25, 2014

Stay Updated on U.S. Relocation Tax & Legal Issues at our Free Webinar!

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Stay Updated on U.S. Relocation Tax & Legal Issues at our Free Webinar!

Are you and your staff as familiar as you’d like to be with the taxability of home sale programs? Are you sure that you know what the “One-Year Rule” means?  Do you know if short sales are still a useful tool?

If not, then you need to join us on Tuesday, December 9th for a complimentary webinar. In it, we’ll discuss United States relocation tax and legal information you’ll want to know to successfully navigate the relocation business in the U.S.

Whether you’re a seasoned relocation professional or are new to the mobility arena, remaining up to date on tax and legal considerations associated with relocation trends in the U.S. is important to managing your program. To help keep you informed on recent—and upcoming—trends, Pam Uhl, Vice President and Associate Counsel, and I will discuss these elements in a one-hour session.

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This eLearning has been approved for 1 CRP credit from Worldwide ERC®.

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