October 18, 2018

Strategic or on Autopilot? How Is Your EBT Program Performing?

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Strategic or on Autopilot? How Is Your EBT Program Performing?

Posted by: Jennifer White, Manager, Consulting Solutions

As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, is your program keeping pace? Extended Business Travelers (EBTs) are on the rise as organizations seek cost-effective alternatives to long-term assignments and employees look for flexible career development opportunities thatEBT insert1.JPG do not involve a longer-term move.

Cartus’ recent pulse survey takes a look at the unique challenges facing organizations as they manage EBTs, and the steps you can take to make your program more strategic when supporting this growing population of employees.

Is Your EBT Program Where It Needs to Be?

Despite three-quarters of survey respondents indicating that EBTs will rise over the next few years, only one-third have a formal EBT policy in place, and 78% of companies are not using a tool to track EBTs. With EBT opportunities, and challenges, on the rise—tax compliance, immigration, and tracking—this is clearly an area that organizations need to focus on.

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Download our pulse survey report, Strategic or on Autopilot? How Is Your EBT Program Performing?, to find out how your industry peers are managing EBTs. Among the key findings of the pulse survey report, you’ll learn:EBT survey thumb-280px.png

  • How companies are defining EBTs
  • Which area of the company is managing EBTs
  • Most common support provided to EBTs
  • The top countries that companies are sending EBTs
  • Five key takeaways to take control of your EBT program

If you would like to discuss how we can help you make your EBT program more strategic, or to review the pulse survey findings in more depth, contact your Cartus representative, or email us at cartussolutions@cartus.com.

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Jen is a manager of Consulting Solutions, which supports clients and prospects in the areas of policy and program design, group moves, destination location research, and the development of customized mobility websites. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, predominantly in global operations, account management, program implementation, and policy design. Jen earned her CRP and GMS designations from Worldwide ERC®, and she is a member of the Chicago Corporate Relocation Counsel (CRC) and Human Resource Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC).

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