February 7, 2017

Switzerland Relocation: Moving to Basel

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Switzerland Relocation: Moving to Basel

Posted by: Alex Bowerbank, Client Services Director, EMEA

Our latest issue of Switzerland MarketWatch focuses on Basel and what this location offers to international assignees moving there, including the local rental market, property types available, and schools in the local area.  

The City and Canton of Basel

Basel is both the name of a city and a canton in the northwest of Switzerland. The canton, Basel-Stadt, is made up of the city of Basel and the towns of Bettingen and Riehen. It borders Germany and France and at just 37km2, is Switzerland’s smallest canton. The city of Basel is a historic German-speaking city made up of around 180,000 residents. It’s a very multicultural place to live, offering expatriates a whole host of activities from theatres and the opera to art galleries, nearby vineyards, and more than 40 museums.

Finding a Home

A lot of people rent in Switzerland. An estimated two thirds of residents in fact. And there are hardly any private landlords, with most homes owned by banks, insurance companies, or pension companies. These companies typically use letting agents to manage their portfolios, which is good for tenants as it means compliance and rental laws are stringently followed. In the local Basel rental market, demand continues to outstrip supply in the most popular of areas, so assignees need to act quickly once they find a property that they like.

Where to Live in Basel

The city is divided by the Rhine River into Small Basel and Great Basel, with both sides offering good quality expatriate housing. Both Riehen on the right bank of the Rhine, and Basel-Gellert (east of the city), have terraced housing and apartments available. Both of these areas are popular with families. Relocating on your own or as a couple? Then many look for an apartment in Allschwil, found in the west.

What We Do

We work closely with Basel’s real estate agents to find the right homes for international assignees and their families. In such a crowded market, the strong relationships that we have built with local agents means that our assignees enjoy a smoother home finding process, gaining access to all available properties. Our Field Consultants are also on the ground to provide help and guidance, and act as an intermediary between the real estate agent and the prospective tenant.

For a more detailed review of the Basel rental market, read Cartus’ Switzerland Market Watch.

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