May 30, 2017

Share Your Insights on Canadian Relocation: Take our Survey Today!

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Share Your Insights on Canadian Relocation: Take our Survey Today!

Posted by: Linda Lachapelle, Business Solutions Director, Canada

Cartus’ 2017 Domestic Canada Relocation survey is now open for your participation, and we would love to have your insights on the latest trends and challenges in Canadian relocation. The survey covers topics including current challenges, flexible policies, support for homeowners and renters, talent management, and temporary and rotational assignments. The survey will be open through June 23, so we invite you to complete the survey today.

TAKE-THE-SURVEY-BUTTON-REDAll participants will receive a complimentary copy of the final report. If you are responsible for your company’s domestic Canada relocation program, we encourage you to participate. Your input will be of great value to us in reporting on the prevailing practices, issues, and trends in moving employees within Canada.

Please contact us at if you have any questions on the survey, and we look forward to your participation. For the findings of Cartus’ recent research surveys, check out our Research area in our Resource Hub on

Additional Resources for Relocation Managers

If you move employees between the U.S. and Canada, read our blog post, Considerations for Relocation Between the U.S. and Canada for common relocations practices in Canada and best practice recommendations.

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Linda is director, mobility solutions working in Canada. She has more than two decades of domestic Canada and global relocation experience, specializing in consultative sales, account management, and strategic market planning.

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