March 5, 2019

Talent Management: How to Attract the #WishYouWereHere Generation

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Talent Management: How to Attract the #WishYouWereHere Generation

Posted by: Louise Koncowski, Senior Communications & Content Development Specialist

Low unemployment levels in many markets have made it harder for companies to find key talent. And when it comes to attracting millennials, international work experience is often a big draw. But how can your business ensure that you’re employing the best and the brightest from this key demographic?

Attracting Key Millennial Talent

Millennials make up a significant number of today’s workforce. In fact, according to Pew Research, this group makes up more than a third (35%) of the American labour force. Growing up in an ever-accessible global community, millennials, perhaps more than any other generation, see themselves as ‘global citizens’. As such many of them actively seek employment offering international relocation.

In a world where we share nearly all aspects of our lives with our online communities, from the new cereal we tried at breakfast to the strangeFood selfie looking cat we happened to see on the way home, experiences (including travel) are the new social currency #WishYouWereHere. This is especially true for millennials. This generation has moved away from the once or twice-yearly holidays spent on a beach, preferring instead to spend their time travelling as often as possible to different locations and cultures. After all, travelling not only provides new adventures and experiences, but also a lot of interesting photos and status updates. Local cuisine selfie anyone?

Perhaps companies that offer the opportunity to travel on multiple short-term assignments will be in a better position to retain this much sought-after talent.

Meeting a Millennial’s Relocation Needs

  • Choices, choices. From the chocolate sprinkles on their latte to the time slot for their online shopping delivery, this generation loves to have a choice. And their relocation policies are no exception. They want the ability to tailor services to meet their specific needs, so when building a relocation programme, aim to include as much flexibility as possible. For Millennials-resource-thumb-820px.jpgexample, consider offering points-based polices and menu approaches.
  • Anticipate their needs. Even with the most flexible of policies, anticipating, and then meeting, the needs of millennial assignees remains a key challenge for companies. They’re a generation that aren’t afraid to question a policy if they don’t think it meets the level of support that they require. A predictive analytics application like MovePro VisionSM can be instrumental in overcoming this hurdle. It helps you to meet an assignee’s needs first time round, delivering a successful relocation experience for them and avoiding costly exceptions for your business. 
  • The importance of technology. It wouldn’t be a blog about millennials without discussing tech. To a generation who grew up online, the ability to scan a receipt and email their expenses with a click of a button, or check their move status whenever and wherever they are in the world, is not considered a luxury but rather a basic necessity.
  • Instant communication. When it comes to communication style, swap telephone calls in favour of emails or instant messaging – channels which this assignee group deem more effective and faster. The instant messaging options that millennials have at their fingertips, from WhatsApp to WeChat to Facebook Messenger, means that they’re used to receiving speedy responses and expect no less from their HR team and relocation provider.

Now in their 20s and 30s, millennials are fast becoming tomorrow’s leaders so start attracting the best and brightest now by tailoring your relocation policies to meet this generation’s needs.

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