April 11, 2017

The Top Global Relocation Destinations: What’s Changed in Four Years?

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The Top Global Relocation Destinations: What’s Changed in Four Years?

According to our 2016 Global Mobility Policy and Practices survey, relocation is alive and well, with 47 percent of respondents saying they expect international assignments to increase, and 45 percent saying they expect it to stay the same over the next two years. But just where are companies sending their employees for international assignments, and have these global destinations changed much over the last four years? View our multimedia news release, Cartus Identifies Four-Year Trends in Top Global Relocation Destinations, to learn more.

Most Popular Destinations for Relocating Employees

top 10 destinations tableResearch gathered from Cartus’ worldwide client base shows that while the Top Ten destinations have remained fairly consistent over the past four years, a few countries have dropped out of the list and a few are new to it.

Our news release lists not only this past year’s most popular relocation destinations as compared to those in 2013, but also what they offer to companies that are looking to expand. From hospitable regulatory environments to workforces with industry-specific skills, we provide an in-depth look at competitive and societal aspects of each.

Be sure to also visit our newly redesigned Resource Hub for the latest information on global mobility trends and best practices.

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