December 3, 2019

Touch Points: It’s the Quality, Not Quantity!

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Touch Points: It’s the Quality, Not Quantity!

Posted by: Rob Abbott, Vice President Client Services – EMEA
Organisations that we work with often request that we reduce the number of people or suppliers an assignee has contact with during their relocation. From our experience, reducing these interactions, often known as ‘touch points’, is not always the best way to deliver great service. In fact, in our more than 60 years of delivering industry-leading relocation services, we have found that having a number of touch points or expert suppliers (like language or immigration specialists) guiding and advising the assignee, is an effective way for us to leverage best-in-class service.

Expert-led Service

Of course, each relocation still needs a single point of accountability. Enter the tenured and knowledgeable Cartus Relocation Consultant. They project manage each assignee’s relocation, coordinating services and liaising with our supplier partners. They are experts in customer service and know how to guide a family through the stresses of relocation, but they don’t profess to being an expert in every field that touches global mobility. It would be impossible for one person to know every single tax law around the globe, or have in-depth knowledge about every country’s unique cultural nuances. That’s why they introduce the relocating families they look after to the experts that do possess this knowledge and know-how. 
Adopting this expert-led service model ensures relocating families receive the advice and guidance that they need, from some of the industry's top specialists. Whether working with one of our tax and immigration partners, or receiving updates on their household goods arrival from a freight forwarder. Our focus is not on the number of touch points in a relocation, but rather the quality of those interactions and how they benefit the assignee and the overall relocation experience that they have.

Not only does this approach to delivering relocation services achieve best-in-class service, it also saves an organisation money. After all, ensuring assignees feel fully supported by industry experts throughout the relocation process, reduces the likelihood of a costly failed assignment. 
If you have any queries regarding your international global mobility programme, please contact your Cartus representative, or alternatively email
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Robert is vice president of Client Services, EMEA. He has almost three decades of relocation experience, specializing in both the UK domestic and international mobility arenas.

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