February 21, 2019

Tracking the Evolution of Global Mobility in the Canadian Workforce

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Tracking the Evolution of Global Mobility in the Canadian Workforce

Posted by: Linda Lachapelle, Director, Mobility Solutions

Change is a common and disruptive force for organizations everywhere, and this extends to global mobility, impacting the managers of Canada country pullouts-12.pngprograms and the mobile workforce. Cartus’ white paper, The Evolution of Global Mobility in the Canadian Workforce, explores the forces that are driving changes in the mobile workforce and answers many of the questions that mobility managers need to know.

One overarching theme for global mobility is the sheer volume of data that is at our fingertips, and how we effectively use that data to support a more independent, and agile workforce.

Some of the key topics examined in our white paper include:

  • How the centralization of technology will impact mobility
  • Shifts in the way skilled workers are mobilized 
  • The emergence of a “new world order in housing” and rigid quality metrics
  • A continuing growth in the criticality of immigration and tax compliance to ensure that the company and mobile talent are protected
  • How the sharing economy and self-sufficiency will impact mobility

Read our white paper on the trends that are impacting the Canadian workforce. For more information on how we can help you, contact cartussolutions@cartus.com, our team looks forward to answering any questions you may have on making the best decisions on policy, program management, and talent management.

Additional Information on Trends in Canada

For more information on mobility in Canada, and other matters that impact your relocation program, be sure to visit our Resource Hub on Cartus.com

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Linda Lachapelle

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Linda is director, mobility solutions working in Canada. She has more than two decades of domestic Canada and global relocation experience, specializing in consultative sales, account management, and strategic market planning.

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