December 22, 2015

Tracking Santa’s Biggest Challenges in Talent Management and Corporate Relocation

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Tracking Santa’s Biggest Challenges in Talent Management and Corporate Relocation

For your enjoyment, we would like to share with you a question and answer session between Cartus Marketing and Santa’s Chief Executive Elf (CEE), who is responsible for talent management and corporate relocation at the North Pole.

Q:  Which corporate relocation trends are you seeing worldwide regarding elves? 

A: With two billion children worldwide, I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of employing the proper number of elves at the North Pole and worldwide. We closely monitor family relocation trends throughout the year—and staff our elf offices accordingly—so that we are able to support Santa in servicing each family on Christmas Eve. In 2015, we saw the largest increases in elf relocation volume within North America and Europe.

Q: Is linking talent management and global mobility at the North Pole a key area of focus? 

A: Yes. A large number of our elf population is dispersed on international assignments in an effort to study the customs and cultures of families around the world. We highly value providing our elves with language training and achieving a high assignment return on investment (ROI). Elves returning from assignment are given opportunities to work directly with Santa. Our tracking of post-assignment elf advancement shows a high ROI for the North Pole.

Q: How difficult is it for elves to track Santa as he distributes toys worldwide on Christmas Eve?

A: It can be very difficult to track Santa. Without giving away too many secrets, we have elves in offices worldwide monitoring Santa through the night. However, we’re seeing more challenges in staffing these offices due to complex immigration laws and regulations. The longer wait time for elf visas is impacting our ability to minimize relocation and assignment costs.

Organizations of all sizes and locations—including the North Pole—turn to Cartus for industry information on talent management and corporate relocation. Cartus recently launched its fifth annual Trends in Global Relocation: 2015 Biggest Challenges survey. In the spirit of giving, we invite you to view additional information on relocation’s biggest challenges by viewing attendee questions asked at a Worldwide ERC® SpeedSession, downloading the Survey Highlights, or requesting a full copy of the report.

Season’s Greetings from Cartus!

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