June 3, 2020

Travel Restrictions by Cartus Top 10 Relocation Destinations

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Travel Restrictions by Cartus Top 10 Relocation Destinations

As governments and organizations around the world drive their focus and resources into responding to, and recovering from, COVID-19 related measures and restrictions, there is no shortage of information being released from news and subject matter specialists globally. With a wealth of frequently updated intelligence in response to an ever-evolving global stage, keeping track of the core information can become challenging for global mobility.

Cartus - Coronavirus Top 10 Destination Restrictions_thumbnail.pdf.pngTo support our clients and colleagues in obtaining key country information in an easily digested format, Cartus has added a core market updates resource to our regularly updated COVID-19 content hub entitled “Coronavirus Top 10 Destination Restrictions.” This information covers the top 10 destinations where clients support the largest relocating populations, and includes a combined overview of the latest immigration and travel restrictions by location, as well as local movement and social distancing measures currently in place.

Our team will update this resource on a weekly and ad hoc basis following major announcements. We source all information from a variety of vetted organization, including Fragomen Global, the U.S. State Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In addition to our accessible overviews, you’ll also find a curated list of links and resources on the content hub to take some of the legwork out of any need for deeper research into specific topics or additional locations.

You can access and bookmark the location overview here.

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