July 29, 2014

Trends and Tripwires in Global Relocation: Join our eLearning!



Trends and Tripwires in Global Relocation: Join our eLearning!

The global backdrop to relocation is constantly changing, and as it does, companies are confronted with new issues that can challenge their ability to accomplish their goals. What are some of the trends and tripwires that managers and globally mobile employees are facing—and what are some of the solutions being adopted?

Join us for our August 19 eLearning, “Trends and Tripwires in Global Relocation” during which we’ll be exploring some of the most critical areas for relocation managers, including new challenges in compliance, cost, and talent needs. Gain insights from our recent 2014 Trends in Global Relocation: Policy & Practices survey, and examples from companies around the world. Simply register here for the eLearning!

This eLearning has been approved for 1 CRP credit from Worldwide ERC®.

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Shelley Northrop

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Shelley is vice president, Marketing for Cartus with more than 25-years experience in global relocation and real estate marketing. She leads the incredibly talented, creative, and somewhat wacky global marketing team for Cartus.

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