September 26, 2018

Turning Insights into Action with Next-Gen Business Intelligence Tools

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Turning Insights into Action with Next-Gen Business Intelligence Tools

Posted by: Bill Tully – Director, Global Client Services

You may have heard about Cartus’ efforts in our industry to push the pace of innovation through predictive analytics, and the process and product improvements this technology can deliver both internally and externally. However, as exciting as these advances are, it’s important not to lose sight of how vital descriptive analytics remain to our clients, especially when it comes to uncovering key program trends across the globe.

To this end, Cartus has continued to enhance and iterate on our next-generation descriptive analytics console for mobility managers and HR administrators. The journey began with our interactive client dashboard, which boasted a robust collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) that could be viewed and filtered in various ways. It continued with the release of our user-configured dashboard, which account managers could arrange on behalf of, or in collaboration with, their clients. However, our latest release, MovePro DashboardSM, offers numerous unique features and views that our previous iterations did not have.

Bringing Data to Life with Personalization

MovePro Dashboard lets mobility managers choose from more than 30 KPIs, which they can combine in a near-infinite number of ways across any number of tabs they choose. Our clients can examine their program from a geospatial viewpoint with our interactive world map, and then have the flexibility to drill down into employee-level detail. Multiple filter options give users insight globally, regionally, and in multiple currencies across any time frame they desire. 

Having been on the project team to develop MovePro Dashboard, it has been a great experience to take client feedback, put it into action in Agile development, deploy new versions, and continue to iterate as we gather further feedback. It is really exciting to deliver on what our clients need, leveraging data and contributing to their business goals by helping them turn insights into action. As mobility programs continue to evolve, organizations need to understand key trends in order to meet the needs of their employees. We look forward to continuing to improve on the ways you personalize your data, including the ability to build your own reports from the ground up.

For more information on MovePro Dashboard, please contact your Cartus representative, and visit to see MovePro Dashboard in action and learn more about the entire MovePro ToolkitSM suite of technology

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As Vice President of Global Talent Mobility, Bill is responsible for a highly successful portfolio of global accounts, leading client delivery out of the U.S., UK, Singapore, China, Brazil, and India. Bill is a member of Anywhere’s Diversity and Inclusion Council and is the co-chair of the SERVICE ERG, working across the organization to create a workplace that welcomes and recognizes U.S. veterans’ talent and advanced skillset to drive business growth.

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