September 28, 2017

Cartus UK Relocation Agent Network Wins Three Industry Awards

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Cartus UK Relocation Agent Network Wins Three Industry Awards

Relocation Agent Network, a UK affiliation of Cartus, was honoured to receive three prestigious awards at a recent industry awards dinner in London.

Relocation Agent Network was crowned 2017 Best Estate Agency Supplier and also won the Gold award in the large Estate Agency Supplier category. In addition, Relocation Agent Network’s Managing Director Richard Tucker was recognized with a special award for his Outstanding Contribution to Estate Agency.

The EA Masters Awards Dinner was held on Friday 22 September at the O2’s InterContinental Hotel, London. The event was organised by Property Academy, the UK estate agency’s pre-eminent business improvement and events company.

The Awards

The 2017 Best Estate Agency Supplier award was given to Relocation Agent Network, after they received the Gold Award in the large supplier category and had the highest number of votes from estate agency supplier customers, via an online poll by Property Academy.

The Outstanding Contribution to Estate Agency award recognizes Richard Tucker’s contribution to UK estate agency in a career that has spanned almost 40 years. Richard became managing director of Relocation Agent Network in 2002 and since then he has been instrumental in the growth of Relocation Agent Network and its focus on customer service, innovation and quality excellence.

We are extremely proud to see the Cartus Relocation Agent Network leadership, operations and communications teams recognised with these major estate agency awards. We created the Relocation Agent Network 20 years ago as a key part of our UK business strategy. Today, Relocation Agent Network engages with and serves over 600 independently owned estate agency offices throughout the UK. Our partnership with our membership is immensely strong and the Network is founded on two driving principles: the quality of members selected to join, and the work that we do to help them compete in their local and regional markets.

These award wins tell us we are ‘getting it right‘ today, providing great service and real value. However, we will be working hard again tomorrow and every day after that to make sure we stay ahead of what the estate agent community needs.

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