September 2, 2020

Uncompromised Service During Unusual Times

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Uncompromised Service During Unusual Times

This year, our Cartus India Global Mobility office celebrates two years supporting and collaborating with organizations and their international assignees. As the world evolves and adapts to the “new normal,” relocation programs have been severely challenged with border closures and travel restrictions. One of the top concerns of many companies has been the safety of their transferring or returning employees and how to ensure the smooth journey of their employees through all of the uncertainty of the current global landscape.

Working alongside their clients, Cartus’ India Global Mobility Team understands these concerns intimately; the team focuses on facilitating the relocation process and providing guidance for ever-changing relocation needs. With proactive collaboration and analytical support from Cartus’ experienced Hyderabad and Bengaluru teams, Cartus has successfully managed a diversity of relocation cases, ranging from bulk moves to repatriations.

As each assignment is unique, the team customizes each assignee’s relocation program from consultation to planning. This ensures a better relocation experience that meets clients’ needs while ensuring their safety.ion cases, ranging from bulk moves to repatriations.

Cartus’ work does not end there—the Cartus team continues to provide much needed assistance and tracking to support clients’ assignee population as part of our service commitment to ensuring support to employees, from medical advice to connecting with their community.

The following stories highlight a few of our countless successes at the Cartus India office. As we enter our third year of client services, we continue to strive for excellence in good times and through hardships.

Success Story 1: Bulk Move for Fresh Graduates and Internship Program

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Every summer, the Cartus Hyderabad team helps a mobile chip manufacturer with their bulk moves across India. This year, we successfully moved 500 new graduates and 200 interns (summer and long-term internships) into multiple cities within India despite all of the challenges caused by city lockdowns and unexpected processes. Cartus provided on-site staff to better meet the needs of its clients with services including:

  • Pre-move travel policies and guideline counseling for assignees
  • Seamless support and guidance to increase assignees’ confidence in the move (thus increasing the success of the assignment)
  • Virtual on-boarding and related support for assignees who were unable to travel physically to destination cities during the lock-down period
  • Shortening the home-finding process with the use of virtual tours and online resources
  • 24/7 settling-in assistance to ensure the safety of assignees upon arrival at their destination and to enable employees to adapt to their destination quickly and comfortably
  • Smooth transitions from temporary housing to permanent residence while adhering to safety guidelines.
  • Temporary accommodations, expense claims, and tracking (after end of assignment) for interns who were unable to return home due to travel restrictions
  • Repatriation of interns returning home (including actual moves and HHG shipment adhering to local safety guidelines)
  • Processing and tracking employee relocation lump sum bonuses to cover assignees’ expenses (e.g., airport transfer, extension of rental car, and temporary accommodation) while transiting to their new location

Success Story 2: Household Goods Shipment Delays and Cost Savings for a Multinational Investment Bank

Cartus India Office Image 2.jpegDue to the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown in India, there were unexpected delays in household goods shipments, which resulted in assignees incurring extended storage costs. The Cartus Bengaluru team acted swiftly and proactively carried out negotiations with various shipping lines to minimize the cost impact. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the shipping lines and volume of business, we were able to reduce storage charges by 50% and, in some cases, to waive additional storage charges completely.

Success Story 3: COVID-19 Support to Assignees in Host Locations

In line with our global support system at our offices worldwide, the Cartus Bengaluru team has demonstrated continued success in supporting assignees at their host locations. As part of the ongoing support to assignees, the team provided guidance to and connected with the assignee population throughout the nationwide lockdown.

  • The Cartus team connected with all assignees in various cities on a regular basis to ensure their safety and to provide any form of assistance needed, such as healthcare or general consult.
  • Depending on the type of concern, the team connected individuals with relevant resources (e.g. Tenancy Management, Office of Global Security, Critical Healthcare Services, Talent Advisors, and Assignment Managers) to help address their inquiries.

Regular communication ensured that the assignees were well-cared-for during uncertain times and gave them the confidence to continue their assignment at the host location, thus providing intrinsic value and stability to both the clients and assignees.

Success Story 4: Evacuation Assistance from Bengaluru to Poland

During the lockdown, the Cartus Bengaluru team assisted an assignee from a multinational investment bank to evacuate back home safely.

  • Cartus assisted and planned for the assignee to return from Poland to their home country of Bengaluru via a chartered flight for Polish nationals en route from Goa.
  • The team worked with several departments and agencies to obtain permission for the assignee to travel from Bengaluru to Goa (600km by cab), where the assignee boarded the chartered flight.
  • This challenge was particularly difficult considering borders were closed; however, the Cartus team was devoted to obtaining the necessary approvals for a safe and smooth journey for the assignee’s return home.
  • The Cartus team also arranged for all necessary medical reports and immigration paperwork for the assignee to travel seamlessly via Goa to their hometown of Warsaw, Poland.

To collaborate with the Cartus India Global Mobility Team for your next relocation, please contact your Cartus representative or email

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