July 17, 2017

How Summer Travel Planning Affects Relocation for Foreign Nationals

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How Summer Travel Planning Affects Relocation for Foreign Nationals

Posted by: Fabiana Hershfield, Supply Chain Manager

If you are a foreign national planning to travel abroad this summer, now is the time to make sure you have the immigration documents and instructions you need to depart and re-enter the United States. Understanding your immigration obligations can help minimize travel delays.

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Cartus Recommendations for Relocation Managers

In light of the measures outlined above, Cartus recommends that relocation managers:

Plan in Advance. When scheduling international assignments this summer, be sure to plan as far in advance as possible. This will allow time for assignees to apply for the relevant visa, work permit, and, if applicable, apply for a new passport (to ensure validity for the duration of the assignment). Work with your chosen immigration services provider to determine which visas and work permits are required. 

Review Your Assignee Population. It is a best practice to conduct ongoing reviews of your assignee population. In this instance, it will allow you to determine how many assignees are currently on assignment in the U.S., or scheduled to relocate there in the coming months, helping you to prepare ahead of time.

Information Sharing. Be sure to share this information with your assignees and in-house HR teams, so that they are aware of immigration requirements for those traveling to the U.S. this summer. Regular communication is key to ensuring your organization remains aligned and fully compliant.

Develop Relocation Policies. Organizations should develop and maintain comprehensive relocation policies in regards to all U.S. visa types. When developing future policies, consider building processes to ensure that your organization remains compliant, setting out clear lines of responsibility and steps to mitigate errors or correct re-occuring errors.

Going Forward
We recommend that you work with your immigration services provider to review visa requirements for your assignee population currently on assignment in the U.S., and those traveling there this summer. Please contact your Cartus representative if you have any questions, or email us at trustedguidance@cartus.com.

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