July 8, 2019

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Relocation Outcomes

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Relocation Outcomes

Whether you call it predictive analytics, or machine learning, or AI, one thing is certain; these technologies seek to achieve actionable insightsUsingAICanadianHR-thumb.png to improve business outcomes. Keni Patel, lead data scientist at Cartus, was recently featured in Canadian HR Reporter in an article, Using AI to Improve Relocation Outcomes, where he touches on how AI can be leveraged to solve real business challenges (in this case, for the relocation journey) in a measurable way.

For relocation, this means helping organizations achieve maximum ROI from their mobility program and streamlining processes for relocating employees and their families, minimizing disruption to their job and life. Be sure to read this interesting article in Canadian HR Reporter.

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