September 25, 2017

Vote for Your Favorite “Above and Beyond” Relocation Story

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Vote for Your Favorite “Above and Beyond” Relocation Story

If you’ve seen our Have Done. Will Do. stories, you’ll know that they show firsthand examples of the elements involved in relocation, and some of the unique situations that companies, employees, and third-party companies can find themselves in. Cartus employees have chosen their favorite customer and client stories in our first “People’s Choice” contest – and now we want your vote!

Just go to Cartus' Facebook page and “Like” your favorite story – choose one from the list below:



We want all the votes we can get – so please share this post and link with your friends and colleagues, and look for us at this week’s Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium being held in Chicago – you can vote there as well.

Voting is open for the final winners in our Have Done. Will Do People’s Choice contest

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We’re proud of every one of these stories, each one demonstrating the lengths to which Cartus people go to support our clients and their transferring employees and deliver successful moves, every time. Thanks for reading – and thank you for voting. 

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