April 15, 2019

Worldwide ERC Innovation Spotlight: Establishing the Business Value of Mobility Agility

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Worldwide ERC Innovation Spotlight: Establishing the Business Value of Mobility Agility

Posted by: Patrick Lewis, Manager, Marketing Content and Communications. 

Wondering what Agile development is and how it can help you accomplish your business objectives not only successfully, but faster? Cartus is pleased to once again work with Worldwide ERC® to promote the latest trends and hot topics in the relocation landscape in their Innovation Spotlight feature. Rizwan Akhtar, CIO & SVP, IT recently authored an article for Worldwide ERC’s website, Relocation Transformation Through Technology and Focus, which explores what organizations need to know when considering transitioning to an Agile development methodology.

In the article, Rizwan discusses selecting the right Agile framework for your organization; the importance of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces…think digital Legos®); the need to address a wide range of generations in the workforce; and the quest for the “Single Source of Truth” where data is accessed from a singular data repository.

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Additional Resources

Read our blog post and article about the evolution of predictive analytics and how Cartus is pioneering predictive analytics in the relocation industry: Worldwide ERC Innovation Spotlight: Predictive Analytics-Digging Deep to Reach New Heights.

Learn about the Cartus MovePro ToolkitSM and our dynamic new predictive analytics product, MovePro VisionSM. The machine learning behind MovePro Vision sifts through and incorporates data from past relocations to provide mobility stakeholders with real-time decision support for expenditures, exceptions, authorization volumes, and more, resulting in better planning and cost management.

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