December 1, 2016

Zen: The Intersection of Assignment and Home

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Zen: The Intersection of Assignment and Home

Managing special requests is what our jobs are all about. After all, the idea is to help employees transfer from home to their assignment locations as seamlessly as possible. And, it often takes those special requests to make the new location look and feel like home. Our team’s mission to find a feng shui-aligned property in Shanghai is the perfect example.

Requirement: Relocation, by Design

When working with a particular transferee moving to Shanghai, our task was not only to find a property with specific location requirements, but also to find a property that was designed with certain elements of feng shui, an ancient tradition in China, combining philosophy with architecture and emphasizing harmony. Considerations included orientation, interior décor, and certain aesthetics. The search would require active participation of the feng shui master along the way, giving him access to property options in order to gain his approval.

Solution: Relying on the Master

The process required coordinating with eight different panel agents across multiple meetings in order to develop a list of viable options. Then, the feng shui master provided input on the negative and positive elements of each property from a feng shui point-of-view. Not only did this highly-involved property search result in the identification of a property that met the needs of all involved, but we were also able to negotiate a better rental rate for the employee.

Watch our short video for the whole story, and see more stories like this by visiting the “Have Done, Will Do” area of our website

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