Solutions by Size

Many Cartus clients move a select number of employees a year. Although Cartus serves half of Fortune 50 companies, more than 70 percent of our clients move 50 or fewer employees per year. Working with Cartus will give you the confidence to successfully relocate any number of employees while leveraging the expertise, commitment, and global reach of an industry leader.

Why choose Cartus for your corporate relocation?

In-house programs can be difficult to administer, especially when relocation is not the only thing on your mind. Because relocation is all we do, you can count on Cartus to deliver flexible, expert solutions that meet all of yourWhy Choose Cartus.PNG corporate mobility goals.

Program flexibility. Your dedicated Cartus consultant will customize your relocation program according to your exact needs, streamlining the program for you and your transferees.

High-touch service. Through our integration of Six Sigma principles and Top Block® (excellent) service, we can offer measurably better results for you, always keeping your timeline and your budget top of mind.

Cost containment. Partnering with a relocation company means there's no need to build internal systems or add overhead, freeing up resources to attend to your core business.

Maintain transferee productivity. Your transferring employees receive dedicated relocation assistance from a single point of coordination, minimizing stress and enabling them to remain productive during a move.

Stay competitive. Offering a relocation program as a benefit can make your company more attractive to new-hire candidates, and by extension, more competitive in the recruiting process.

Serving your employees: 98% overall transferee satisfaction.

Dedicated guidance from beginning to end

Whether your employees are moving across town, across the country, or around the world, Cartus' true global footprint means responsive support for everyone. We can give your employees everything they need to thrive in their new role, letting you remain focused on your core business.

Your consultant's role is to carefully assess your employees' needs, then tactfully guide them through each step in the relocation process, including arranging services in the host location, shipping household goods, selling the employee's current home, or scheduling cross-cultural or intercultural training.

From beginning to end, Cartus' consultants remain a dedicated advisor and advocate to your employees, successfully managing the intricate complexities of a relocation so that transitions are seamless and productivity is maximized. Our consultants are a knowledgeable resource for questions that your employees may have about the contracted services, procedures for relocation expense reimbursements, or any other concerns.

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