Cartus Reviews

 See what mobility managers and relocating employees have to say about Cartus.

"Responsiveness is excellent. Willingness to walk me through situations and patience in bringing me up to speed on complexities being addressed. Very strong customer service culture from my perspective as client.

Cartus has been a great partner in helping build a mutually beneficial engagement with our company that helps enable a world-class mobility program with continually improving service scores and results."

— Client, NIKE, Inc.

"The Cartus team is extremely responsive to our needs and requests. They do a lot of extra work/effort for us in areas such as benchmarking and best practices, and do not try to sell us consultant engagements for this work. In addition, the compensation team made great process improvements this year. Cartus approaches us as a partner, versus a supplier/customer relationship, and we greatly value that. We've never had to look at our legal contract to resolve any questions."

— Client, Aircraft and Parts Company

"I appreciate my consultant's dedication and service. She is always going a step further."

— Relocating Employee, NIKE, Inc.

"The Cartus/Textron relationship is a real partnership. Both sides are honest and truthful and work together to resolve any issues that arise. Our consultants do a great job, and our account team... are fantastic."

— Client, Textron Inc.

"Overall, my wife and I are thankful for our consultant and Cartus, for what they have provided. We feel that we were treated as VIPs, and if anything, this motivates us to work harder knowing this is the company we work for. I hope we don't have to move again for quite some time, but if we do, I hope it is with my company/Cartus combination again."

— Relocating Employee, Engineering & Architectural Services Company

"Cartus did an excellent job working within the framework they were given to ensure the best possible customer experience."

— Relocating Employee, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Company

"Cartus is a great partner to our business. They are very positive and willing to put the effort into relationship-building just as we are from our side."

"Fantastic partnership at the management level, and a client services team that is clearly proud to support our company."

— Client, Citibank, N.A.

"Quick response time to questions and reaching out to relocating employees. Friendly, helpful service. High satisfaction ratings our employees give to their relocation experience."

— Client, Amway

"Our contact persons are proactive, services-minded, and flexible to work with. This is needed and even more very much appreciated."

— Client, Heineken International B.V.

"There was so much information and steps involved in the process. At the beginning it can seem a little overwhelming, but the constant communication from our consultant eased a majority of the stress."

— Relocating Employee, Insurance/Financial Company

"Excellent customer relations, response time to issues, and accelerated coordination of international policy development and implementation."

— Client, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Company

"First and foremost, I have to say that my consultant was a delight to work with. It was clear from the first call that she was professional, educated in her field of expertise, and focused on client satisfaction. I would have thought I was her only client. She exemplifies what I call outstanding customer service. She made what could have been a stressful time a breeze. Those who support her were very good as well, but she handled 99 percent of my move—at least that is what it felt like."

— Relocating Employee, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas

"We enjoy working with our account executive and trust she will find the answers if she doesn't have them. She always makes herself available and is very responsive."

— Client, Hancock Bank

"I'd like to congratulate our Cartus operations team for their stellar service in 2016. We put dollars at risk if they exceeded service level agreement goals, which they did. So Ingersoll Rand is paying them a bonus! True partnership at its finest! Way to go... team!"

— Client, Ingersoll Rand

"My consultant was fantastic! She was always very responsive and willing to get answers to any questions we had."

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"The relationship with Cartus and, in particular, with the account management staff... is one that we use as a basis when searching for additional vendors."

— Client, Search and Navigation Equipment

"My consultant was a great help from beginning to end. I will say that she was so good in the beginning with explaining the process and time frames that I did not need her by the end because of it! Great employee, great attitude, great company!!! Thanks guys!"

— Relocating Employee, Retail/Manufacturing Company

"Partnership, honesty, and overall willingness to understand the changes in the organization."

— Client, Philips Lighting

"My consultant was there for us at every step of this process. She is caring, attentive and very professional. It is a pleasure continuing to work with her."

— Relocating Employee, Electric Services Company

"The responsiveness is outstanding. The explanations of possible decisions on exception requests expedites resolution. Our satisfaction has increased a great deal."

— Client, CSAA Insurance Group

"My consultant was really helpful and tried everything to make me feel special and comfortable."

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"Transparency in addition to overall excellence in customer service." 

— Client, Qualcomm Incorporated

"The whole experience was great, it was the smoothest transition I have made to a new place."

— Relocating Employee, Insurance/Financial Company

"My consultant is a super hero! 'Cause she rocks, always had the correct answer, never says, "I'll have to call you back."

— Relocating Employee, Cable and Other Pay TV Services Company

"The service we receive from Cartus is always excellent. Nothing seems to be too much trouble and the communication between the two is always open."

— Client, Government Agency

"A relocation is a tough thing for any family, and no amount of relocation support takes that away, but from beginning to end it has been a solid experience and I feel like we have good engagement from Cartus as well as the banks/realtors/movers who have been connected to us by Cartus in this process."

— Relocating Employee, Digital Industry Company

"This, ladies and gentlemen, is our proudest moment! They said it couldn't be done—Cartus and Global Mobility can't handle it. Well… JUST TRY US! Our team put together a strategy that today is truly Harvard Business Review material! From the very first moment of developing enhanced benefits, to staffing, cost analysis, the Houston Fair in Fairfax, counseling, policy sessions, real estate updates, Virtual Resource Center... the list goes on and on—ALL while not skipping a beat on the base business side. It is truly something that no other team has ever accomplished, and I do not see it happening in the future. This accomplishment is this team's crowning glory, and I am truly honored and humbled to have been a part of it."

— Client, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas

"My consultant went above and beyond accommodating me and making sure I clearly understood everything. One of the most attentive, communicative, and helpful associates I've ever had a working relationship with during a short-term project."

— Relocating Employee, Designer and Manufacturer of Footwear and Apparel

"Your representatives are very responsive and I am very pleased with your user-friendly website that gives me up-to-date information on the progress of our employee's relocations."

— Client, Voluntary Health Organization

"My consultant has been key in guaranteeing that my family would arrive on time and with the proper comfort. Knowing that gave me some confidence."

— Relocating Employee, Rubber and Plastics Footwear Company

"Our account manager provides excellent customer service and support. He is responsive and knowledgeable. Our account director also provides excellent support, especially on issues requiring escalation. He is reasonable, fair, and always goes above and beyond for us."

— Client, Federal Government

"The whole actual relocation process went very smoothly. Our house in Ohio was packed up in a timely manner and on schedule and we were moved into our new home with no issues at all."

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"Our account manager and the team are very well informed, and whenever one has a request that is out of the ordinary, they are willing to help find a solution."

— Client, Air Transportation Company

"I have had an above and beyond excellent experience with my consultant. I would recommend her services to anyone! She has been helpful to my husband and me during our move and gone the extra mile when we needed her to. She made sure we had everything we needed, when we needed it, and when things were not smooth (always expected when moving across country), she offered great solutions and worked with us to make sure we were able to make the move with minimal impact. I cannot say enough about her as she did her job so well! She was nice, timely, understanding, all around the reason that made our move so successful. I have moved around the country several times for work and this has been my best experience by far!"

— Relocating Employee, Designer and Manufacturer of Footwear and Apparel

"The score of '7' is really reflective of the stellar performance of the team overall... The year-to-date in the overall category was 96.3 percent—near perfect. Thank you to the consultants for their hard work.

As well, our account management team rocked it this last year. Always available when we needed them and turning things around quickly."

— Client, Ingersoll-Rand Company

"My consultant has been the best part of my relocation experience. She is always there to answer my questions and concerns. She has the ability to bring calm to a very stressful time. It has been a pleasure working with her."

— Relocating Employee, Government Contractor

"The great support from our account management team. They go above and beyond all the time."

— Client, Government Agency

"Excellent customer care, terrific outcome on the resale of our properties and a willingness to flex when required."

— Client, Government Agency, UK

"Cartus is responsive, friendly, professional, and acts as a partner to address and resolve issues and discuss and provide solutions."

— Client, Measuring and Controlling Devices

"My consultant did a fantastic job of helping me understand what I needed to do and what would be done by others. This was the farthest I have ever moved, and my first time not moving myself. She answered all the questions I had, and even helped me make sure that I was using all the tools that were available to me."

— Relocating Employee, Insurance/Financial Company

"Our company has gone through many changes/issues this last year, and Cartus has been great in providing the support I need. I do appreciate the team taking their time and energy to support us and to be flexible and patient with us."

— Client, Drugs, Proprietaries, and Sundries Company

"My consultant was excellent—quick to respond to all questions and provided full and helpful answers."

— Relocating Employee, Rubber and Plastics Footwear Company

"The account manager does an excellent job in keeping me informed of potential issues or responding to inquiries or assisting with needs I have. Makes my job much easier."

— Client, Eastman Chemical Company

"My consultant assured me that she would take care of things, and told me not to worry. The transition of my house in Erie to my house in Florida went great; it was beyond my expectations."

— Relocating Employee, Pens, Pencils, Office, & Art Supply Company

"Our client manager and day-to-day person on our account are both extremely helpful and responsive. They have a good understanding of our account and handle things before they become issues."

— Client, Radio and Television Broadcasting Company

"We have a true partnership. It is not just a vendor partnership."

— Client, Research and Testing Services Company

"The experience with Cartus continues to improve because our Cartus contacts partner very proactively with us, make great efforts to understand the company culture, and respond quickly to our needs."

— Client, Agricultural Chemicals Company

"My consultant did a great job helping me during this huge move. She made sure I had all the information I needed to be in the loop on everything happening!"

— Relocating Employee, Rubber and Plastics Footwear Company

"We receive great support from our account manager. We have an excellent partnership with rapid responses and a high-touch level of service."

— Client, Misc. Nonmetallic Mineral Products Company

"Timeliness of follow-up to our questions; transition of account representatives was pretty seamless; flexibility in handling some complex cases."

— Client, Secondary Nonferrous Metals Company

"The Cartus team has worked closely with us to understand our pain points and to implement process improvements (e.g., implemented online initiation, security deposit report, etc.)."

— Client, Industrial Inorganic Chemicals Company

"Cartus does a good job of thinking of ways to make improvements, either in process or reducing our costs. This indicates a true partnership."

— Client, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Company

"This is a really significant accomplishment… Your work to focus the DSP’s (destination services provider) on the service fundamentals has delivered exceptionally well. Your... leadership gets us more value through better service."

— Client, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"Very friendly and informative. Any questions I had were met with a very quick and useful response. My initial call with my consultant was enjoyable and she was very good at explaining the process and handling any issues I had."

 — Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"Our account manager is a great partner and her commitment to our account is excellent. She is engaged, flexible, and willing to accommodate our sometimes challenging requests."

— Client, Computer and Office Equipment

"We appreciate the true partnership that we have with the Cartus Boeing leadership team. They are truly our subject matter experts and are willing to think outside of the box."

— Client, The Boeing Company

"I would like to recognize my consultant. Her customer service was impeccable. Numerous times that I had phone conversations with her, I felt she truly cared about my situation."

— Relocating Employee, Electrical Industrial Apparatus Company

"Cartus provides our transferees and the program office with excellent customer service. Staff has a very good knowledge of our relocation policies, is responsive to questions, etc., and quickly resolves issues/problems."

— Client, Federal Government

"My consultant was amazing! She was always very available and timely in her responses. Hopefully, if we are ever relocated again, we will be lucky enough to work with her."

— Relocating Employee, Cable and Other Pay TV Services

"Excellent and sustained service results. Strong willingness to partner to make the best for our program."

— Client, Computer and Office Equipment Company

"My consultant is really prompt, well mannered, patient, and helped answer all questions I had and took care of making all arrangements well ahead of schedule."

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"Our account manager is an exceptional business partner. We always have odd requests, but he always makes them happen within the framework of policy. All consultants are very patient and helpful."

— Client, American Signature, Inc. 

"We appreciate Cartus’ willingness to be flexible and work with our dynamic environment."

— Client, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.

"We appreciate the personal touch and the excellent response to employee and employer requests or issues."

— Client, Professional and Commercial Equipment Company

"It was a pleasure working with Cartus for a second time. They really understand my company's relocation policy and make it very easy for a busy employee to manage through the entire process."

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"We appreciate the sense of urgency in responding to issues and interacting with our employees."

— Client, Electrical Industrial Apparatus Company

"My partnership with Cartus is the BEST among all of my vendors, and I have several. What separates Cartus from the rest is their willingness to support their client in any way that they can. Many times, we receive last minute requests, and our account manager always considers what they can do to accommodate as quickly as possible."

— Client, McGraw-Hill Education Global Holdings, LLC

"I never thought I'd be saying this, but I have no complaints. There can be no denying that my Cartus support has been super efficient to push the sale of my home forward and to keep me informed about status of the process."

— Relocating Employee, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas Company

"Cartus' processes are excellent. We feel comfortable that policies are being followed and expense reports are being audited."

— Client, Electronic Arts, Inc.

"Promote them all. Seriously. I've moved internationally a few times with multiple international companies, and this team has been the best and most professional of any."

— Relocating Employee, Rubber and Plastics Footwear Company

"We have admired the position that Cartus will sometimes take to give us advice that is not always in their best interest, but is the best advice for our company. Cartus has also helped us with move estimates and support for other divisions that does not always result in work or income for them. They have been a true business partner with us."

— Client, Heavy Construction Company

"My consultant did a great job, I really appreciate the service and emotional support provided during the move."

— Relocating Employee, Electrical Industrial Apparatus Company

"My account manager is always very proactive, giving me a heads-up on items I need to be aware of. He's very knowledgeable of our policies and is able to make recommendations on solutions to issues that might arise."

— Client, Nonferrous Rolling and Drawing Company

“I've worked all of my career with one of your biggest competitors, and I must say that Cartus is, by far, much more customer focused. They are thought leaders, and have the ability to address the needs of the client even before the client knows they have a need.”

— Client, McGraw-Hill Education Global Holdings, LLC

"The overall level of service provided for our new hires joining the company that are relocating, current associates that are going on assignments at other internal locations, along with the regular interaction with the company representative is very good. This is a win-win relationship."

— Client, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Company

"The destination services were very helpful and I think I utilized them more than was provided in my original relocation package. I was also worried about traveling so far with pets since I had not done this before. Cartus and the travel agent prioritized this in the planning and it was a very straightforward trip. It also helped knowing that we had housing that would accept cats when we arrived in the destination country."

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"Our account manager is excellent to work with. He is very responsive and knowledgeable. I never have to worry that he won't get back to me in a timely fashion or won't know the answer. The backup system at Cartus is superior to other vendors I've used. When he is out, there is a very responsive and knowledgeable person always available to quickly answer my questions. I appreciate that very much!"

— Client, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"My consultant team was fantastic. Moving to a foreign country is very stressful. Moving to a foreign country that you have never been to—and have no experience to go on—is even more stressful. These four ladies took all of the uncertainty and stress out of the relocation and really made it so very easy. I cannot say enough good things about them. Each and every one was outstanding."

— Relocating Employee, Computer-related Services Company

"My Cartus contact is an excellent source of information that is relevant and timely. The customer service is personal... we are more than a policy or number."

— Client, Fabricated Structural Metal Products Company

"The organization of the entire relocation process was handled extremely well from the initial interview with my specialist to the interaction with participating companies. The timing of the various stages of the relocation was perfect and everything went very smoothly with very little stress or problems."

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"The systems/tools that Cartus offers to their clients is streamlined and basically does all the work for you which tells me that, from a technology perspective, Cartus truly considers their clients’ needs and the pain points that could be encountered within the relocation and expatriation process. This is most helpful!"

— Client, McGraw-Hill Education Global Holdings, LLC

"My consultant did an outstanding job with supporting me and my family to have the right understanding of the relocation process. This was my first time relocating to a hardship place—Nigeria. She showed real passion and caring to make my overall experience with the relocation excellent."

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"Our Cartus consultants go above and beyond with our new hires. One consultant has been excellent and with one of our very important new hires; she went out of her way to help us with confidentiality and coordinating a gift basket to be placed in the temp housing. She is great!"

— Client, Commercial Bank

"I want to highlight the 'can-do' attitude from my consultant, his end-to-end ownership, and the fantastic attitude toward facing challenges. He made things happen. I have been relocated three times, so I have some experience.

He had to move mountains, and we made an extremely difficult move in record time, and it was flawless. He truly understands that he is not just going through a checklist, but is moving a family. The help is precious in stressful periods like this. I also want to highlight how personalized his attention was. He made us feel we were the only family assigned to him, when reality was probably far from that."

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"I would relocate with Cartus again!"

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Data Processing Services Company

"The support received from Cartus over the last 12 months was excellent. I valued the partnership and counsel provided on all projects and work supported by the team."

— Client, Computer and Office Equipment Company

"My consultant shows a high level of ownership, continuously shows care, and is very proactive and thorough... He takes the extra step to get things done beyond his responsibility. He is able to penetrate any issue and work through to resolve effectively. Great partner!"

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"The Cartus management team is extremely organized and a pleasure to work with. They are closely managing all files, reverting back with updates in a timely fashion at all times, very open to address issues and processes and work on improvements as needed.

Cartus' overall infrastructure and reporting options are smooth and high standard."

— Client, Computer-related Services Company

"My consultant went above and beyond to help the move go smoothly. She made you feel as though you were her only client (which I'm sure is not the case). Would recommend her to anyone!"

— Relocating Employee, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas Company

"Thank you to our Cartus account team for helping us implement new programs and new automation, for being flexible as our business needs changed, and for always providing great customer service to our mobility team executives and our relocating team members."

— Client, Computer and Office Equipment Company

"My consultant was very good about explaining all the aspects of the move in great detail for both my wife and me over the phone for an extended period of time. He was also very responsive to many of the follow up questions we had during the process."

— Relocating Employee, Search and Navigation Equipment

"There are so many things in the global mobility world that make it very exciting, but also challenging... and on occasion, situations are out of our control. Cartus is always there to provide us with the necessary support, magnificent in every way: efficient, patient, courteous, respectful, and very professional. Thank you for such great service."

— Client, Computer and Office Equipment Company

"Our real estate specialist, too, was very friendly, patient, and efficient. We really appreciated his availability over the weekend in which we sold our home as well as his very complete and detailed answers to our questions about the process and policies. As with our consultant, he was very knowledgeable and pretty much always had answers for me on the spot."

— Relocating Employee, Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas Company

"I have found that our client services team is very motivated to provide quick feedback and is very responsive to any employee escalations. I can trust that, if any issues come up, they will be quickly resolved; also, the team is very proactive."

— Client, Aircraft and Parts Company

"This was one of the best relocation experiences anyone can get from a company. The relocation process started at the right time and the communications from Cartus from the beginning was precise and accurate. The visa processing was very smooth and the way it handled by Cartus associate was very impressive. We loved the experience."

— Relocating Employee, Computer and Office Equipment Company

"Your response time and professionalism of the staff. We often have 'quirky' requests and Cartus is always willing and able to help."

— Client, Retail/Manufacturing Company

"My consultant coordinated everything extremely well. Moving while starting a new job is very challenging and she was a tremendous help in relieving some of that stress—she was always pleasant and handled everything beautifully."

— Relocating Employee, Management and Public Relations Company

"In all my years in this position, DSP (destination services provider) work has always been an area that we struggled with—even when all was managed under our local organizations. What you have done over the last two years is incredible! Thank you for your passion in this area!"

— Client, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"Our account manager… he is simply the best! Each time I reach out to him with a complex problem, he delivers!"

— Client, General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical

"My consultant was extremely helpful, diligent, and professional throughout the process. He really made the whole experience excellent. His proactive service was outstanding. Many thanks."

— Relocating Employee, Financial Institution

"The advice and guidance that we receive is valued. Our Cartus team is wonderful. We love the reports.

We really appreciate the guidance and support from our account manager. She is very knowledgeable and her personality and style are a great fit for EA.

Reports, tools and processes... are very robust and give us comfort that the reports and data are accurate. The expense processing team are pretty diligent in following our policies and highlight any unusual items."

— Client, Electronic Arts Inc.

"We had one employee who was particularly nervous about his move, which made him quite demanding to deal with... The team was able to allocate resources out of hours to accommodate his requests."

— Client, Petroleum and Petroleum Products Company

"I had the same relocation coordinator for the second time with our company and she did an excellent job of responding to my questions and concerns. She is very familiar with our company policies and was always able to provide the right support. I was very happy with the way that she handled my relocation."

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"The team that supports our company and our spin company is just tremendous. Not only did they agree to support the spin company, but have done so without missing a beat. I can always count on the consultants to provide the best service to our transferees and cannot say enough about our account manager... She can always be counted on, has great ideas to make the program better, and is not afraid to step up and deal with the tough situations. Could not do this without her."

— Client, Sporting and Athletic Goods Company

"I was provided an excellent consultant. She helped me at every step of the transition through meticulous planning, proactive communication, and timely follow-through actions. She is very principle-based in handling exceptions; every exception in my case was properly handled with my company and I got satisfactory answers to my queries. Outstanding work...and keep it up!!!"

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company


"The Cartus team is very flexible in their approach and have put a team in place that understands our culture."

— Client, Women's Clothing Stores

"My consultant has been fantastic. Her response time to any query is almost instantaneous and there has never been anything I have asked that she has not been able to help with. Throughout the process she has kept me informed, kept me calm when things were going wrong... and has worked exceptionally hard for me. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done to make my move as easy as possible."

— Relocating Employee, Women's Clothing Stores

"The client service team... has poured many hours into improving process, services, customer satisfaction, and destination services in-country and in other areas. I've seen tremendous improvement from where we started."

— Client, Medical Instruments and Supplies Company

"My consultant worked hard to fulfill all requirements and expectations I had; she worked actively on solving all the issues and questions I had during the relocation."

— Relocating Employee, Digital Industrial Company

"Our account manager and the team are very responsive to requests and obtaining timely information. There is a strong desire to partner with our company and provide solutions that best fit our needs and our transferees' needs. This comes from the leadership level... and throughout the organization."

— Client, Agricultural Chemicals Company

"It was my first time with Cartus and it was a great experience. I hate moving, like a lot of people, but Cartus having people like my consultant made it easy for me. Thank you guys for all the help."

— Relocating Employee, Women's Clothing Stores

"Great service level and knowledge from our primary contact. He is great to work with!"

— Client, Aerospace, Nuclear, Distrubutions Company

"My consultant was amazing! He was such a great resource with helping with my first move and all the challenges that came with it! He was fast, efficient, smart, and had quick turnaround when needed. He was a great partner to have through this!!!!! Highly recommend him!"

— Relocating Employee, Family Clothing Stores Company

"Customer engagement is good. Account management is spot on. Housing resale and interaction with the client is exceptional. When issues have arisen, Cartus' responsiveness to resolve problems has been very good and timely (e.g. supplier management)."

— Client, Government Agency

"I would recognize my consultant... She was beyond instrumental in ensuring that my relocation went smoothly and was with me every step of the way. I've never experienced such an unparalleled amount of customer service and I am extremely grateful for all the help she has provided."

— Relocating Employee, Search and Navigation Equipment

"Responsiveness and willingness to collaborate and flex."

— Client, British Government Department

"It was a team effort to make everything seamless and reduce the overall stress of moving. Way to go everyone involved, everyone was nice, professional, and went above and beyond to provide outstanding service. My consultant by far exceeded all expectations and went above and beyond on all levels to provide world-class customer service."

— Relocating Employee, Sanitary Services Company

"Our company has gone through a merger and a spin-off in the past year. Not only was Cartus first in line to complete contracts, their management staff ensured a successful spin of programs and the changes were quite seamless."

— Client, Sporting and Athletic Goods Company

"Overall, our move was stress-free and seamless. We have been set up for a fast and easy settling-in."

— Relocating Employee, Misc. Converted Paper Products Company

"Ability to customize to our needs and great follow-up on pressing items."

— Client, Restaurant Chain

"The Cartus consultant allocated to me... is absolutely fantastic, always helpful, and responds to emails immediately. She always goes over and beyond to help me out whenever possible, very happy overall with the Cartus services."

— Relocating Employee, Oil and Gas Field Services Company

"Account management is awesomeproactive and always consultative."

— Client, Healthcare Company

"Overall the experience, considering how stressful it was, went well. I would say the best part was whenever we needed something, or a payment was to be made, or clarity was required, our consultant was on top of everything and very supportive."

— Relocating Employee, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Company

"We appreciate the consultative approach that our direct contact uses, whether we are... discussing an individual, process, practice, or solution. Just about every conversation is helpful, at least in some small way, in the overall success of our programs."

— Client, Nonstore Retailer


"I had an incredible coordinator. Her timely emails, notifications, and arrangements for our move made it very easy, enjoyable, and a stress-free experience for my fiancé and me. She was always on point and always contacted us with latest updates. She`s truly exceptional and made our move from Richmond, VA, to Houston, TX, a great experience. I`ll recommend Cartus, and particularly my consultant, to any co-worker or friend during moves."

— Relocating Employee, Gasoline Service Stations

"Very responsive client service team and high customer satisfaction results from our employees."

— Client, Healthcare Company

"My husband and I just went through a relocation program with Cartus through my husband's employer... We moved from Vermont to New Hampshire... I had the pleasure of meeting our consultant last week when she came to observe the  movers and to  make sure everything was going well for us. She was an absolute delight to "hang with." She was so helpful—even risking getting cat hair on her business outfit so we could secure our two cats while the movers were here. I was a bit stressed and overwhelmed with it all but she helped keep my nerves down

Our consultant was professional and very thorough in her assessment on how things were going with the move, the movers (which were the best!).

I felt very comfortable with her immediately. I just wanted to let you know that she not only was a professional, but so down to earth and during her stint here was patient and helpful!

Thank you for everything! Our experience with everyone from Cartus was amazing; we could not have made this move without your help."

— Relocating Employee, Government Contractor

"Cartus goes to great lengths to partner with Textron and foster a real team spirit between both organizations."

— Client, Textron Inc.

"My consultant has been an amazing partner through this move. My family really appreciates all of her help, being there for us every step of the way and creating a stress-free experience. Her knowledge of the process and guidance is second to none. I can't imagine going through this without her help. Thank you! Same goes for our realtors... when it came down to selling our home. They were both amazing and guided us through all of the steps of the relocation process when it came time to market and sell our home. Van lines also made this move seamless."

— Relocating Employee, Consumer Goods Company

"Cartus team have really stepped up their game and provide excellent customer service. We have a great line of communication which I believe has been the key to success."

— Client, EnPro Industries, Inc.,

"My relocation and rental finding trip went really well as a whole. I am thankful that I was reminded and communicated with when changes would occur."

— Relocating Employee, NIKE, Inc.

"Quick responses to email and always willing to be flexible."

— Client, Media and Network Company

"My consultant was an outstanding consultant and never left one question unanswered. Very responsive and attentive... I'm really fortunate I had such an excellent professional providing me assistance throughout these past months in London."

— Relocating Employee, Digital Industry Company

"The Cartus/Textron relationship is a real partnership. Both sides are honest and truthful and work together to resolve any issues that arise. Our consultants do a great job, and our account team... are fantastic."

— Client, Textron Inc.

"My consultant... turned a complex process (a move is never easy) into simple and easy steps to understand; she addressed all my questions in a timely and effective manner (for example I had issues with my temporary accommodations and she made sure to find me another flat in less than 48 hours); she regularly connected with me to ensure that everything was on track; and she directed me to the right contacts whenever relevant."

— Relocating Employee, Consumer Goods Company

"Great customer support, responsive and eager to please."

— Client, Computer-related Services Company

"My consultant has provided outstanding support throughout the process."

— Relocating Employee, Consumer Goods Company


"First off, Cartus exceed 2016 SLAs to the point that Ingersoll-Rand paid a bonus. Way to go! In the spirit of partnership, we engaged the operations team in an onsite training that resulted in follow up bi-weekly continued collaboration calls. The consultants have increased their proactiveness based on our feedback to better support to the employee experience. Our account management team also attended our global team meeting in December along with Cartus Consulting and provided some great process maps for current state along with providing input for best practice, etc. Additionally, I've seen an increased awareness and connection between Ingersoll-Rand and our account manager, which shows a strong connection between client and supplier."

— Client, Ingersoll-Rand Company


"My consultant has been an amazing partner for me. I have been an expat employee with my employer continuously for 18 years. I have been fortunate for the most part to have had great consultants, yet she has truly set a very high bar. She has been absolutely great. Very professional, very much an expert with great listening skills and can-do attitude. Everything I needed, every time I needed, she had a good solution. There is one thing she does superbly which is to truly think and feel in my shoes—she seeks to understand and empathize. Never once did she say "no" without trying to find a creative solution. I will miss her support. Wish all consultants were like her. I have also felt that she is truly capable of lot more. I can see a lot of potential in her. My sincere thanks to her and I wish her all the best."

— Relocating Employee, Consumer Goods Company

"Our Cartus team is consistently responsive under pressure and is prompt to resolve queries and issues as and when they occur. I have the feeling that the management of third-parties is well controlled and appreciate the single point of coordination approach which Cartus employs on our account."

— Client, Information Technology Company

"My consultant went above and beyond of what I would expect from her. She was friendly, helpful, and provided great input and insight into Amsterdam and settling in as a family… Everything worked like clockwork! Thanks!"

— Relocating Employee, NIKE, Inc.

"Our Cartus team members have also gone out of their way to figure out the craziness that comes with the Sunbelt relocation process. They have also gone out of their way to help with things they also may not have anything to do with, but research it for me."

— Client, Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

"I would like to recognize and appreciate my consultant; without her help and support on each step, it wouldn't be easy for me. She was like a family member for me through this whole transition."

— Relocating Employee, Heavy Equipment Company

"Cartus works with us as a true partner. Their guidance and strategic thought leadership is highly valuable. In addition, Cartus partnered with us to make changes and improvements to our programs leading to anticipated cost savings and a streamlined process."

— Client, Toy Manufacturing Company

"My consultant was invaluable to me. She made what was a confusing and extremely stressful process much more easy to manage. She was very helpful and explained how everything would work and it went exactly as she said everything would. She was a pleasure to deal with."

— Relocating Employee, Media and Network Company

"Great partnership and a can-do attitude and willingness to help. We needed to make some changes to our policies and procedures over the past year. Cartus consistently met our requests with an attitude of 'we'll figure this out' as opposed to 'we don't do it that way.'"

— Client, Juniper Networks, Inc.

"My consultant was a great help and is a wonderful representative, from a customer and client perspective for Cartus. From the moving aspect, I have the same support and recognition for my consultant; she was extremely helpful and timely in her responses and support of my needs... The movers... were equally resourceful in getting the work done, and more importantly, had fun doing it."

— Relocating Employee, Fine Paper Manufacturing Company

"The strategic partnership is strong. Cartus understands and behaves like our company."

— Client, Consumer Goods Company

"My consultant was extremely helpful. She is very capable, responsive, and friendly. She made the whole process painless."

— Relocating Employee, Heavy Equipment Company

"The quick responses and direct support of our account management team for any situation at any time."

— Client, ITG Brands, LLC

"I always recognize my consultant for her excellent work and her outstanding support. She goes beyond her role and really connects with the employee, trying to offer valid help and guidance whenever possible, showing pro-activeness to fix issues and not stopping at the first roadblock. I'm very happy to work with her ever since my first international assignment!"

— Relocating Employee, Digital Industry Company