Anywhere Real Estate Network

The Anywhere Real Estate Network helps clients and customers realize their true real estate advantage by recruiting nationwide high-performance network of brokers and agents, recognized for exceptional customer service records, from some of the most recognizable names in real estate—all of whom are required to pass an extensive background check.

With market-leading expertise and continuous training through our award-winning program, Anywhere Real Estate  Network agents sell homes faster than the national average—and they close on new homes sooner compared to non-network agents.

Take Advantage of Market-Leading Expertise

Superior performance. Higher standards. That’s the Anywhere Real Estate Network promise.

With 99% coverage across all MLS markets in the United States, Anywhere Real Estate Network agents are always where you need to be. Moreover, only 11% of our 116,000 eligible agents qualify to be in the network based on strict performance metrics, including completing at least 10 residential transactions per year. Every network broker also has a dedicated relocation department responsible for regularly evaluating agent performance.

Our agents’ local market expertise is demonstrated by an average Broker’s Market Analysis (BMA) variance of 3.85% last year. This means more accurate pricing, shorter marketing times, and higher amended sale rates when working with our firms.

How do our customers—your employees and organization members—feel about all of this? The numbers speak for themselves: More than 9 out 10 customers rated their Anywhere Real Estate Network experience as “Exceptional,” and 98% would recommend their agent to a friend or family member.

98% of Customers Would Recommend Their Anywhere Real Estate Network Agent.

For more information about how you can harness the industry-leading value of the Anywhere Real Estate Network, contact us.