Intercultural & Language Solutions

Cartus Intercultural & Language Solutions is a leading global talent development business practice. We provide both relocating and non-relocating individuals and groups with innovative, technology-enabled, flexible coaching and training programs to strengthen individual competencies and organizational capabilities to enhance global business performance. With over 30 years of industry experience, we bring local expertise with a global reach, a commitment to quality, and service excellence – achieving 99% learner satisfaction year over year.

Cartus Intercultural & Language Solutions combines consultative coaching and personalized performance support within a digital learning environment, providing your global talent with expert guidance to develop the skills and mindset required to be most effective in diverse, multicultural settings. Our clients have selected Cartus to ensure their global talent population is supported and prepared to engage and perform as they transition to working—and often living—in different cultural and linguistic environments and to create more inclusive and culturally intelligent organizations that compete more effectively in a global context.

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Digital Reach

Amplifying the reach of our industry-leading global talent development solutions, our newest coaching delivery innovation uses a digital learning environment to transform the customer experience. Through our Intercultural & Language Solutions, Cartus not only guides employees as they travel and relocate to new destinations but coaches them through some of the most important transitions of their careers and personal lives. With our enriched digital learning environment, Intercultural & Language Solutions caters to each individual with a more engaging, tailored experience to ensure each feels connected to their personal learning path and professional goals.


Intercultural Solutions

Support the success of an international assignment for your company, the assignee, and his or her family by identifying employee and family competencies and readiness for assignment abroad. Then ease their adjustment and enable their success from the outset of an assignment to its conclusion—our personalized Cross-Cultural Coaching programs ensure that your employees have the knowledge, insight and guidance to develop skills to perform more effectively in different cultural surroundings and to manage the transition for themselves and their family. Cartus offers assignment-related intercultural programs across the globe and in multiple languages. Specific services include Candidate Assessment and Assignment Readiness; Cross-Cultural Coaching for Assignees and their Spouse/Partner; specialized programs for children; and Repatriation Coaching to support your returning assignees and your return on investment.

Global Leadership and Team Development Solutions

Cartus’ Global Leadership & Team Development Solutions provide your organization, teams, and leaders with the knowledge, insights, and tools to build intercultural awareness, gain skills to bridge cultural gaps and establish trust relationships, and maximize your organization’s potential to compete in a complex global business environment. We offer a wide range of leadership and team development solutions to assist your organization in understanding cultural and cross-cultural influences on your business, on leadership and on multicultural team performance, and to support skills development to ensure greater global business success—these include programs to develop global agility and leverage the cultural diversity of your workforce; country-specific business briefings to increase awareness of the cultural styles and preferences of specific countries or cultures; and global leadership coaching to enable your leaders to more successfully lead across cultures.

Language Solutions

Language training is integral to success in an international setting and critical to building an inclusive work environment where the voice of all of your global talent is heard. Cartus specializes in preparing learners to thrive in a second language immersion setting, which is different than building long-term skill. As such, our programs focus on just-in-time preparation for high priority communication tasks in the second language as defined by each learner, not on driving through pre-set material. Programs are designed to meet the specific needs of international assignees, family members, business travelers, and other non-relocating individuals – to build their confidence for communicating, building relationships, and preparing them for success in new environments. Through our global network of language coaches, we ensure training capability for nearly all local languages around the world. Our comprehensive language training includes general language skill development, Business English, and advanced Global Business Communication Coaching programs, such as business writing, presentation skills coaching and accent modification. Our distinctive, highly tailored learner-centered and coach-facilitated training is focused on real-life language goals, available both in person and online.

Annually, Cartus conducts more than 8,000 cross-cultural and language training programs in support of global talent in over 90 unique countries.

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