Tax Services for Relocating Employees

Now, more than ever, it is important for you and your employees to be educated and receive expert advice on relocation tax impacts. Cartus is pleased to offer various tax services through Ineo, LLC to reduce surprises due to a lack of understanding, or the complexities, of U.S. tax laws.

Annual Tax Books

Ineo’s 2018 Relocation Tax Advisor (RTA) publication provides a tactical approach to understanding the complexities associated with relocation taxability. The Relocation Tax Advisor includes 2017 and 2018 updated relocation tax laws that have an impact on both your transferees as well as the relocation professionals who support these individuals. The publication helps the transferee leverage and plan for the significant tax implications and compliance issues associated with their move or assignment. This service also gives transferring employees the ability to call or email Ineo directly with tax questions.

Pre-move Tax Consulting

Competition for highly sought-after candidates has made creative talent management a critical element of corporate success. One of the most useful and effective mobility benefits a company can offer transferees is Pre-Move Tax Consulting. There are complicated tax laws that impact relocating employees, and Ineo Tax Services professionals have extensive experience in relocation tax regulations. The Pre-Move Tax Consulting service offers a low cost benefit, increases employee satisfaction with the move experience, and removes the burden on your internal payroll and HR departments to address tax compliance questions, and reduces after-the fact payroll issues. Examples of what is covered in a pre-move tax consulting session include:

  • Discussion of the taxability, deductibility, and excludability of moving expenses, and helping the employee understand company policy, explaining the highlights and addressing gross-up related questions.

  • Highlighting the differences between the old “live state” and “work state” tax laws, while addressing the new “live state” and “work state” tax laws.

  • Reviewing of the timing of the switchover of state withholding, relative to beginning work in the new state.

  • Review of the assignment type (short-term, commuter) vs. actual relocation (if applicable).

Group Move Employee Tax Meetings

This service, designed specifically for group moves, is usually a two-hour presentation with very precise examples explaining all the specific tax compliance requirements that relocating employees must meet. Additionally, after the meeting, a team of highly trained CPAs with very specific relocation tax law knowledge are available to meet privately with transferees answering any additional private tax questions the employees might have.

Tax Return Preparation

Tax laws that impact relocating employees are complicated, and preparing and filing federal, multi-state, and local tax returns can be a confusing and stressful obligation for transferring employees. A specialized team of mobility tax experts with U.S. domestic experience help you stay completely compliant while maximizing all appropriate tax deductions. Ineo also specializes in assisting corporate employees who may have to file amended tax returns for their federal and applicable states and localities.

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