Leading Edge Analytics Practice (LEAP)

Cartus' Leading Edge Analytics Practice, LEAP, brings revolutionary new capabilities to our clients through the use of predictive analytics. With our unmatched historical database of 2.3 million moves—and counting!—Cartus is singularly positioned to provide the depth and scope of data needed to forward-manage your relocation program in ways that have never been seen in the industry before.

Predictive analytics: the latest frontier

LEAP helps predict relocation outcomes by using regression and other advanced statistical modeling techniques. Our proprietary algorithms are fed by the millions of data points we have collected (and continue to collect) during the assignment and relocation processes, taking into account different combinations of locations, policy support, and budgetary spend.




Beyond infusing predictive analytics throughout our internal operations to enhance how we deliver guidance and services to you and your employees, Cartus had built predictive business logic into various products to help drive new insights into:

  • Cost Management
  • Program Management
  • Move Management

Through LEAP, we can identify early on the necessary support, budget, and other items needed to ensure relocation success. Ultimately, understanding the likelihood of potential outcomes enables clients to benefit from a consistent return on investment for their relocation programs anywhere in the world.

For more information about how we can put LEAP to work for YOU, please email 
leap@cartus.com or reach out to your Cartus representative.