In surveying clients and prospects, the number one request is the ability to access a comprehensive snapshot of their entire relocation program while capturing data from key suppliers in their network—in other words, a single source of truth.

Enter Cartus’ new centralized mobility hub: MovePro360.MovePro360Logo.png

Cartus is designing MovePro360 from the ground up to provide the industry’s first truly holistic client experience. Built on a flexible cloud- and API-based framework and influenced by the solution-focused philosophy of design thinking, MovePro360 will support easy integration of external data sources while offering real-time access to information from any device.

With an anticipated Q4 2019 release date, MovePro360 is the largest technology initiative among an array of digital products (see below) that Cartus has launched recently to enhance the client and customer experience.


MovePro Toolkit

When you’re on the move, you need your technology to move with you. That’s why we created the Cartus MovePro Toolkit—a power suite of digital tools designed to help mobility managers and relocating employees alike navigate the relocation journey with ease and confidence.

Our Agile development practice ensures that we are constantly innovating and iterating based on real-world user feedback—whether by enhancing existing resources or ideating new tools altogether.

As a result, “MovePro” is much more than just a one-and-done software solution: it’s an evolutionary philosophy whose sole goal is to simplify and improve the entire spectrum of relocation experiences for you and your employees.

Current tools in MovePro Toolkit include:

MovePro Vision

Achieving true insight into your mobility program is nearly impossible without some way to see through the fog of facts and figures. That’s why Cartus developed MovePro VisionSM—powered by LEAP. MovePro Vision is a predictive analytics application designed to surface information about your relocation program that would otherwise be lost in an overwhelming amount of data. The machine learning behind MovePro Vision sifts through and incorporates data from past relocations to provide mobility stakeholders with real-time decision support for expenditures, exceptions, authorization volumes, and more, resulting in better planning and cost management. The ability to toggle instantly between aggregated global views and employee-level detail provides mobility leaders with further clarity into their program’s past, present, and future.

MovePro SmartWallet

In the global competition for top talent, limited-benefit employees need more than just a check and a handshake. They need robust relocation resources and support to ensure that their move experiences are as successful as possible. MovePro SmartWallet empowers users and speeds up service delivery through a series of interactive tools designed specifically for employees eligible for lower benefit tiers.


MovePro Dashboard

Dashboards enable better, smarter, faster decisions. Having key stats at your fingertips will allow you, and your Cartus team, to better evaluate your program trends and turn insights into action. MovePro Dashboard offers true “build-your-own” functionality, giving you total control over more than 30 key performance indicators to enrich the relocation management experience for your mobility managers and HR administrators. 

MovePro Timeline

Our experience and research has shown us that relocating employees are more productive when they know where they are in their journey and what’s still ahead. MovePro Timeline harnesses data from millions of relocations to forecast accurate move milestones your employees can count on. Powered by our Leading Edge Analytics Practice, LEAP, the timeline leverages predictive analytics to provide your employees with the most innovative, interactive, and personalized move experience on the market today.