Relocating Employee Solutions

Our Web and mobile portals offer your relocating employees intuitive, versatile tools for monitoring, managing, and taking action during their relocation experience. CartusOnline and CartusMobile help relocating employees manage their relocation in real time, whether they are moving across the country or around the world. Designed to reflect the feedback gathered through our Six Sigma-based continuous improvement efforts, each relocating employee’s experience is customized to fit his or her needs.

Intuitive technology tools support your employees every step of the way

Your relocating employees benefit from:

  • Interactive relocation timeline. Employees can view the progress of their relocation via our interactive timeline, which automatically adjusts based on Cartus’ advanced predictive analytics and actual milestones. The timeline is visual as well as functional and includes alerts for key activities and important milestones along with access to supporting resources.
  • Delegate access. To improve efficiency and compliance, delegate access enables employees to assign a spouse/partner or business assistant to help them co-manage the move—for example, submitting expense reports on their behalf.
  • Self-service relocation tools. Employees can save time and effort by scheduling policy calls via an online calendar, searching Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for available properties throughout the country, choosing their real estate broker, scheduling their lump sum disbursement, and more.
  • Submit/Manage expense reports. Available 24/7 from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, relocating employees can create, submit, and view the status of expense reports, with reimbursement amounts shown in the disbursement currency.
  • Communication and document management. Employees can easily exchange notes and documents directly with their relocation consultant.
  • Mobile relocation tools. CartusMobile has been used by relocating employees in more than 120 countries. It allows them to manage expenses “on the go” using their smartphone camera to capture and submit receipts, set payment preferences for reimbursements, receive time-sensitive “push” notifications, and much more.

“I think this mobile app that you have now covers it all. Very impressive. The mobile app made it extremely easy to process my expenses.”

– NIKE transferee