Supplier Solutions

For Cartus team members and suppliers, our technology solutions offer:

  • Global controls and efficient workflow. Client relocation policies and contractual requirements are programmed into our system, ensuring globally accurate and compliant service delivery.
  • System-driven prompts. Automated reminders eliminate the possibility of missing key deliverables/milestones, facilitating high-quality service.
  • Integrated supplier APIs. We have a robust hub of application programming interfaces (APIs) that we are continually expanding to include new partners, interfaces, and additional features and functions to ensure that we can seamlessly integrate with the down-line suppliers tasked with delivering services to your valued employees. By allowing service partners to receive work orders securely and directly, APIs reduce repeat information requests, minimize lead times, and make for a more efficient and streamlined relocation process.

“One way Cartus has made our work easier is by allowing us to access their systems in a secure way where we can access information that we need to process the orders properly. We actually go into the Cartus system and take orders out of their system, and that has eliminated all of the duplication ... so it has really made it much more efficient so that we get accurate and timely orders.”

– Chief Operating Officer, US Inspect